Viva Aviva – Can’t Believe I’ve Just Said that!

I don’t often have anything good to say about insurance but… This week my Mother-in-law put petrol in her rather expensive and fairly new Land Rover which takes diesel…We grimaced with her as she realised what she had done when the car wouldn’t start and I’ve never seen my Father-in-law sink a beer quicker than he did that afternoon as we waited for the recovery vehicle to pick it up – well, no one was driving obviously so a beer […]

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Chessington World Of Adventures? World Of Queue And Wait More Like!

My feet ache and the children are over wrought with tiredness. It was a long day of being out yesterday and I, the woman who loves a day out, a theme park in particular, have to say it was entirely not worth it! We visited Chessington World Of Adventures yesterday for the second year in a row. I remember going as a child and loving it but last year I was distinctly underwhelmed. I found it to be too big, too […]

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Munchkin Click Lock Bento Mealtime Set – A Review!

Our favourite food is ‘bit’s as we call it. A little bit of this and a little bit of that… Some olives and ham, crisps probably and maybe some dips… We just love that style of eating and Bento, a traditional way of serving food in japan, is perfect for us as it’s lots of little bits portioned up individually and put together as one box of bits! Lovely! It’s also a fab way of feeding children as lots of […]

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My Aldi Best Buys!

I’ve not made any secret of the fact that, like my Mum, I am now an Aldi convert! She converted some time ago as she wrote about in her recent guest post for me but I am a newbie and with a recent like for like shop saving me £30 it’s easy to see why! Nothing is scrimped on with quality and the lower prices, as far as I can see, are achieved with the ‘experience’ of the shop. It’s […]

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Park Your Bum And Jump Around!

What is it about children and sofas? They seem to see them as giant play things placed in their setting for the sole purpose of fun! Do they see a beautiful piece of furniture that accentuates the rooms’s decoration and enhances ones comfort for television viewing? Well mine certainly don’t! Nope, my children, like to climb on, build dens with, bounce upon, hide underneath and do pretty much everything to the sofa bar sit quietly on it while they read […]

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How To Grow Green Hair – #SaveSummer

It’s summer holidays time and that only means one thing! Bring on the fun! With six whole weeks at home, it is up to us as parents to build entertainment for our little ones! Days out and entertaining children can be super expensive though so as well as the odd trip out to a theme park for a treat we need to do some brilliant things at home too! We’re taking part in the Asda #SaveSummer challenge! This means that every week […]

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Doubled Up Pocket Money!

As a child whose parents divorced when I was little you could say I was at a disadvatage sometimes. It’s true, for things like big family Christmas celebrations and the like and I was. I spent most of the time missing my Dad, some of the time missing my Mum and all of the time pretty sad that my parents were no longer together. It affected me and there weren’t that many bonus points that I could see as a […]

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Gigaset Phone Home! (The A125 – AReview)

We have been using a Gigaset phone ever since I was sent the E495 to review a while back and it’s absolutely brilliant. The model we have is fairly pricey though as it does lots of things, withstands shocks and splashes and can even be used as a baby moitor. I was interested to know how less expensive models from the range would compare so when I was asked if I would like to review the A125 by Gigaset I […]

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Chuggington Series 4 – Premieres Today!

Today is the 26th August 2013, this is the date that Chuggington premieres its series 4 on one of our favourite channels CBeebies! How exciting! We’ve been very lucky and been sent a copy of the series prior to its showing on television and we’ve really enjoyed being some of the first to get to see it! Jimmy is really just getting into television and Chuggington is especially up his street because it’s all about trains and the adventures they […]

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Chicco Echo – A Review!

When I was pregnant with Jimmy we got a Chicco Echo Twin Stroller which I reviewed on my blog. I thought it was light weight, easy to push and it folded up very small which is great as our car isn’t exactly huge! I don’t very often use a buggy as a double these days however, as Florence likes to walk, so instead I have been trying out the Echo Twin’s single sister, simply the Echo, to see how it compares. […]

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