Heat Up The Sauce!

I love a bit of traditional Heinz and when it comes to certain products, you just can’t beat them! Tomato soup and ketchup definitely don’t taste the same unless they’re from this iconic brand and there’s something rather satisfying about simple beans on toast for tea… But Heinz aren’t ALL about the traditional and they do like to branch out now and again! I really enjoyed trying their twists on traditional flavours of soup for example and now they’re back […]

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Mam Baby Teeth!

When I was at The Baby Show last week I picked up some toothbrushes for the children from Mam Baby. They’re ace because they come as a teeth brushing starter kit with two brushes, an extra long handled one to train and a normal toddler toothbrush. The toothbrush sets! The extra long handle is so that your child can hold the normal part while you hold the extended area and guide them through brushing until they get the hang of […]

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WIN Captain The Cat!

Last month I went to a birthday party with a bit of a difference! The birthday party was for a PR agency and as such they gave out prizes and made their guests feel like the special ones! I had a lovely time and as well as winning a Babasling which I am giving to my pregnant pal I also won a Captain The Cat by Alice Bears! He is lovely and squishy and both the children think he’s fab! […]

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I Love Lucy!

I love Lucy! Nope, I’m not talking about Lucielle Ball, in fact the only thing I know about her 50’s sit com is what I’ve seen of it in the back ground while Julia Roberts is having her carpet picnic in Pretty Woman. Nope, today, I am talking about my lovely friend Lucy! I didn’t want to write a rant or a moan today as has traditionally become my wont for a Friday. Instead I want to use this post […]

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Mothercare Heads Back West!

Mothercare have headed back to West London and opened a new store in high fashion hive, White City’s Westfield shopping centre! The new fashion dedicated store joins the likes of Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss in the complex so it’s in very good company but for my money it holds its own entirely. I imagine parents of West London are thrilled to have it back and with something for every taste why wouldn’t they be? What more could you ask […]

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Lambing At Willows Farm!

We often go to Willows Farm Village in St Albans. It’s outside of London but it literally takes us half an hour to drive there from where we live in the East and even if you don’t drive you can go by public transport. It always amazes me how they manage to change the WHOLE farm for all different times of the year. At Christmas it becomes a festive grotto, Halloween sees pumpkin picking and other ghoulie treats and Easter […]

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Hello Kitty And Birthday Planning!

In a couple of month’s time it will be Jimmy’s birthday and i’m busy planning what to do. We will be having a teddy bear’s picnic for his party, a Gruffalo tea party at home for just us and I also want to do a family day out like last year. Last year we went to Drusillas Park in Alfriston. We were on holiday near by but actually it’s not too bad to get to from London and it was […]

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Lalaloopsy Ponies!

Florence is a BIG fan of Lalaloopsy. At Lollibop last year it was hard to get her out of the Lalaloopsy tent and do anything else and when she was given one to bring home in the press tent she was beyond thrilled! She plays with her dolly all the time and I have to admit, unusual as it is, I rather like it too. Lalaloopsy has just brought out a new range of toys, Silly Singers, Ponies and Baby […]

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Would You Work For Free?!

It has come to my attention that a lot of bloggers look down their noses at those of us who partake in sponsored posts. I don’t know why anyone would have an aversion to someone else making some money but apparently sometimes they do. I have heard it said that if some people come across a post which has been paid for they won’t read it and I don’t know why for that either? Apparently they wouldn’t lower themselves to […]

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Farmhouse Kitchen Love!

I live in a Victorian terrace conversion flat. We have the upstairs part of the house which would have been beautiful as a complete home but as a flat is challenging when it comes to space. The rooms aren’t really the right size and don’t go with each other because, well, it’s really only half a house, only intended to ever be half a house and as an upstairs I’m sure it would have been fantastic. Our living room, which […]

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