A Pinch Of Nutmeg!

Last week we were invited to the press preview for the Autumn/Winter collection at Nutmeg. Nutmeg is the clothing brand sold in larger Morrisons supermarkets and it is absolutely excellent from every angle. Great designs, fabulously well made and even better, they all have a rather attractive price tag. Inexpensive but not scrimping on style at all! Key themes run through all the collections which are for babies, children and adults. I also loved the jewellery (the rose earrings and […]

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Girls Who Are Boys Who Like Boys To Be Girls!

Some say that boys and girls are the same and it’s how we treat them that determines their behaviour and personalities. I beg to differ. On my experience, and of course my opinion can only be based on that, boys and girls are very different indeed and it has absolutely nothing to do with nurture. I didn’t find out if I was having a boy or a girl either time I was pregnant. I instinctively knew what each of them […]

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An Even Longer Week!

At the beginning of the week I was ready to take my little girl and run off into the distance with her. Upset at school with girls being mean and confidence being knocked has meant her flying start took a turn for the pooper and on Monday we had screaming hysterics like I have never seen before. It actually made me go a bit loony I think and I am more than sure now that the school, who I have […]

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Box Upon A Time!

I’ve never done the whole monthly box thing. I assumed that they probably weren’t all that good or how can the companies providing them make any money. I have no knowledge of them so was prepared to be wrong but I’ve never thought about signing up to one because in my heart of hearts I thought they’d be a waste of money. However, when asked would I like to try out a new children’s fashion monthly or quarterly box in […]

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Miele Dinners In Disguise!

My Mum has a Miele vacuum cleaner and she absolutely loves it. It was quite expensive but she’s had it for years and is still just as pleased with it as she always was. Top Quality appliances do come with a top quality price tag but then as the age old saying goes, you get what you pay for! I haven’t actually got any Miele appliances and it might be why my oven needs a new element, my fridge freezer […]

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WIN A Sparkup Magical Book Reader!

Books and words open up a world of imagination that is like nothing else. To be able to read and indulge in that world which is just you and a story is one of the most pleasurable things in life and I’m pleased to say that both of my children are just as interested in stories as I am. I love that they love reading and I also love to read to them which is our bed time routine and […]

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You’re Invited To #Doctober!

Next week we’re going to host a Twitter party to celebrate the month of #Doctober and Doc Mcstuffins! Flair PLC who make the Doc McStuffins toys and UKMums.TV asked us a while ago if we’d like to join in and be one of the hosts for the party and we’re very, very excited to be having both an actual party at our house AND a virtual party on Twitter! Will you come and join us? Where? Twitter When? 2nd October 2014 […]

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