New Startrite Boots For Winter 2014!

Back in April I wrote about the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection from Startrite and now that winter is upon us these gorgeous gems have actually hit the shelves and we’ve been shopping! Florence chose her own winter boots and I think she’s done rather well don’t you?! I know exactly why she chose them, they’re purple and they have flowers on them so of course, but she was also rather pleased when the shop assistant at Russell & Bromley told her […]

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Stick Man Live On Stage 2014!

We’ve been to see Stick Man Live On Stage in the West End every year and it honest and truthfully never, ever gets old. A friend of mine has done the same with her children and she said to me the other day that even when her children are grown up she still wants to go even if it means going on her own. She’d never have to of course because I’ll be going with her, there’s no way I’ll […]

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The Paddington Movie!

Last Sunday the children and I were lucky enough to attend a multi media screening of the new movie Paddington. I’d seen much grumbling on social media because the new bear doesn’t (apparently) look like the old one as we know him but rankly, after watching the trailer, we couldn’t wait! We were invited by our friends at Warburtons who were providing marmalade sandwiches for all the guests and with both children in tow we set off for Leicester Square […]

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The Frozen Birthday Party Begins With The Invites!

Florence is turning five next month and has chosen (no surprises here) a ‘Frozen’ theme for her party. I have lots of things in mind for it from party food ideas and the cake (my Mum is on it) to the craft activity we will do (snowflake making and decorating), the disco and the goodie bags too. I LOVE organising a party and this one is such a super theme that I know everyone will love. I mean let’s face it, […]

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The Dyson DC41 Mk2 – It’s A Bit Of An Animal!

Call me a little bit sad if you like but I adore cleaning the house! It’s not necessarily the actual cleaning I’m in love with but more rather the feeling that it is done afterwards and looking around proudly at all the effort that has gone in. I have a routine which sees me tidy (the hardest and most time consuming part), clean surfaces and glass and then finishing with the vacuuming. We had a Dyson when we first moved […]

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Blue Nose Friends For Christmas!

Blue Nose Friends are super sweet, we’ve always been fans and there’s a new bunch on the block just in time for Christmas! What perfect stocking fillers these new characters make and whether you’re a collector already or not, there’s a friend with a blue nose to suit everybody! There’s four new friends although at the time of photographing one of ours had gone awol… Thie children LOVE them! Scamp the Gerbil, Hugo the Orca, Sasha the Silk Moth and […]

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Winter Wonderland 2014!

Last week we were invited to the opening celebrity filled night at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. It’s always a truly exciting even and knowing we would be running shoulders with the likes of Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton we were beside ourselves with anticipation. When I picked Florence up from school ready for her late night special treat, Miss Pretty told me that her eyes had been dancing on the carpet she was so looking forward to it! I […]

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I’ve Joined The Gym And This is Why!

I’ve always had a problem with food. Well, probably not ALWAYS but for as long as I can remember. I prefer to call it a ‘problem’ than the D word because, well, when you’re not skinny as skinny can be people think you haven’t got one and when you are so skinny that you wear bulky clothes to hide it, you try so desperately hard to pretend you eat normally that there’s no way you’d call it anything other than […]

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We Want To Be Mark Warner Ambassadors!

This year I’ve watched social media with envy every time one of the Mark Warner blogging ambassadors jets off to one of their delicious sounding holiday destinations. I’ve read their sun drenched post holiday reports and devoured all the foodie, swimming pool, beach, sunshine and cocktail Instagram updates wishing I too could take my family on such a break. They look, sound and ARE it seems, the most decadent and hassle free family holidays going! I want one, and I bet […]

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A #GUMIXmas With A Funky Lunch!

Yesterday we were invited along to the Growing Up Milk Christmas party where we got to learn from a children’s food artist how to make fun and festive food the children will want to eat! Now I made a bit of an error and took the children thinking that it was for them as well, I’d not listened properly as it was actually in a proper cookery school with very sharp knives and meant for just us Mum’s but they were […]

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