From Me To You At Easter!

Florence has been a little fan of blue noses friends and Tatty Teddy for a while now and when I showed her this gorgeous Easter T.Shirt she’s been sent from the ‘Me To You’ clothing range she immediately declared ‘Oh! I love it, I’m going to wear it for Easter!’ Pink and sparkly it was bound to appeal and having the added appealing bear on the front it’s a sure fire hit! Sometimes Florence isn’t very keen on modelling for […]

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Saturday Night Take-Away In!

when I was a child I used to love Saturday night television which I used to watch with my parents. My favourite was Noel’s House Party which used to make me laugh and laugh and laugh. My second favourite was Blind Date with Cilla Black and I remember my Step mum and I peeling in fits of giggles with tears streaming down our faces watching it one weekend when a particularly large lady went on a date dingy sailing. Over […]

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Monster High Exchange!

Florence is a big fan of Monster High and before Christmas one of the dolls was high on her present wishlist. I’m not really sure what exactly it is that attracts her (and all the other little girls of course) but then I guess as the grown up I’m not supposed to and what does it matter anyway, at the end of the day she adores them and that’s all that matters! She bought one of the Monster High DVDs […]

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Budget-busting fun to keep the kids sweet this Easter

Image source: Neal.  Remember when you looked forward to the school holidays, counting down the days until you could play all day and not think about times tables for two whole weeks? Then you became a parent. Now, as the Easter holidays loom, all you can think about is how much it’s going to cost to fund two weeks of entertainment and additional child care – not to mention all that chocolate. George Osborne may tell us that things are […]

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A New Menu With Old Flavours For Cafe Rouge!

I’ve not visited a Cafe Rouge for quite some time although I’m not entirely sure why? I’ve always enjoyed their food in the past but somewhere along the way it dipped from my radar and the delicious dishes that they’ve been preparing since 1989, when it was originally called ‘Cafe Bleu’, have not been enjoyed by us. Last night when I was invited to their Covent Garden restaurant to sample the all new (but with a little bit of the vintage) […]

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Jellybugs On Line!

We bought Florence an iPad for her birthday which I do see might seem a little extravagant but frankly I think it was worth every penny. She was spending an increasing amount of time playing on mine and having one of her own not only means that mine is free for myself (or more probably Jimmy) but that she can have just the apps and music that she likes and they don’t have to take up storage space on mine. […]

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THREE is the magic number!

last week I was invited to an event which incorporated two things I am fairly novice at, exercise and iPhones. I mean obviously I’m not a complete novice at exercise, I haven’t been a slumping lump from the day dot but in November I joined the gym for the first time in years and it sort of feels like it! I am however, completely and utterly brand new to iPhones! I have had a BlackBerry for as long as I […]

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I Salute Mango Salute!

I am the sort of person who never quite manages to send out thank you cards. I don’t mean to be, I always have every intention but somehow, the task always passes me by. We end up saying thank you when we see people but it’s not really good enough is it? It was fine when it was just me forgetting or never finding time but now the children have to bear the brunt of their Mother’s disorganisation and I […]

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Knitted Easter Chicks!

Last Easter my cousin, Auntie Helen, gave the children some knitted Easter chicks covering Cadbury’s Creme Eggs and Florence and Jimmy were thrilled. She’s very crafty is Helen and I thought they were super impressive but she assured me they were mega easy to do. As I’ve got really into knitting recently I thought I would give them a go with a pattern I found on line and Helen was right, they are very simple but at the same time […]

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A perfect Mother’s Day!

On Sunday it wasn’t my first Mother’s day of course but for some reason it felt a bit like I was experiencing it for the first time. Of course Jonny has got things for the children to give to me on other years but this time Florence gave me things she had made for me on her own either at school or at Girl’s Brigade. I love it when Jonny buys me presents naturally but having a home made paper […]

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