What’s Your Interior Style?!

The series ‘Back IN Time For Dinner’ which was on the BBC finished last week but I absolutely loved every single episode. It saw a real family live through the decades of food from the fifties to present day and each week, in their own home, they entered the era in complete authenticity with clothes, toys and even home decoration to match the decade. I absolutely loved the fifties, not the food of course as that was really bland and […]

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Grow My House!

We live in a Victorian terrace conversion which essentially means it’s half a house. This was fine when we were two, ok as a three, pretty tight since becoming a four and probably impossible when we think about adding our fifth person (not yet but soon I hope)! We’ve been trying and trying to think of ways around our small living situation, ways to solve it or change it and we basically have two options. Move house or do a […]

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The Bravado Of Youth!

The other day I failed in my third, yes THIRD, driving test and it made me wonder about the bravado of youth. I was so nervous, as I have been in every test so far, that I shook for the whole thing. As a result, although I didn’t fail monumentally like the last time, I still managed to royally fuck it up! I’m 35 years old which means I could have done my test, passed, had a child and had that child […]

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‘Barbie In Princess Power’ Party – Happy National Super Hero day!

Today, 28th April 2015, is National Super Hero Day. True story! National Super Hero Day is all about celebrating the super heroes amongst us who give their all to inspire others. What a fun way of celebrating that! This year even 56 year old (she doesn’t look a day older than she did in her youth lucky gal) Barbie by Mattel is getting in on the action! Barbie wants to inspire girls to #BeSuper and in her latest DVD, ‘Barbie In Princess […]

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Hygro Towels!

I’ve always longed for fluffy bath towels, the kind you get in hotels that feel super decadent and expensive. The thing is, no matter how much money I seem to have spent on towels in the past, no matter how good the quality… They just never remain fluffy for more than one wash. The fact you generally have to wash a towel before you use it the first time anyway means we’ve never got to try towels at home when […]

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Chin Chin Four Your 25th Aldi!

Did you know that this year Aldi are celebrating their 25th birthday? I didn’t realise they had been around that long because, for me, they’ve only really come to my attention in about the last decade. Within that time they have gone from being somewhere I kind of wasn’t keen to try (no idea why, snobbery probably) to the shop I choose first when it comes to food and booze. This is purely and simply because of the quality. I […]

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Wednesdays Just Got A Whole Lot Bella!

We love pasta and we love Bella Italia so it’s great news that they have just introduced, for a limited time only, their new #TeamPasta Wednesday! From now until further notice, every Wednesday is THE day to get to Bella Italia and enjoy not one but TWO of their great pasta dishes for just £10! Obviously you can share them and don’t HAVE to have them both yourself! Mind you… 80% of Bella Italia’s fans said they were on #TeamPasta, […]

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