10 Of The Best Hoodies And Sweatshirts For Summer 2016!

One summer staple that can be overlooked in favour of tassled dresses, flowered head garlands and summer sandlas is the sweatshirt or hoodie. With British weather the way it is, often with a chill in the air or a nip of an evening despite even the sunniest days, a hoodie is an absolute must and while you’re busily choosing this year’s festival wellies your sweatshirt should be next in your shopping basket! I personally love an over-sized slouchy number which […]

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Clarks Ledella Trail – Almost As Good As A Pair Of Original 70s Vintage Sandals!

My Mum gave me a pair of her original 1970s sandals in the mid 90s and although they were already two decades old they were in pretty mint condition back then. Unfortunately, my Carole King favoured style has unwavered and they’ve been worn pretty much through every summer since so have now seen far, far better days! I can’t really complain as they saw me through the skinny days, single days, my teens, twenties, loved up, thirties, pregnant, married and […]

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Roma Double Swing By Little Tikes – Review!

The children have been waiting a long time for a garden to play in and now that we have one I want to make it a lovely place for them to be. They asked and asked for a swing and I just thought, oh why not! They’ve waited so long that they shouldn’t have to wait any longer and though I know it’s not actually a birthday or anything I thought a special treat was on the cards; so we ordered the […]

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The Rocky Road To Waistline Disaster – Crunchie Bar and Malteser Tiffin Rocky Road Cake – Recipe!

I love having friends over for (as Worzel gummidge would say) ‘a cup of tea and a slice of cake’. But why be boring when you can be totally crazy AND at the same time not even turn the oven on! Today I made my usual chocolate tiffin refrigerator cake but added to my regular recipe some bashed up pieces of Cruncie Bar and Malteasers. I looked at the back of the cupboard, which usually houses tins of anchovies which […]

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House Update – Three Months In!

Well, it’s been three months since we moved to Norfolk and although sometimes it feels like we’ve done nothing and need to do everything, looking at photographs I took of the house today I can see we’ve brought the place on a fair amount. There’s still loads to do and enormous work that’s about to happen with our loft conversion (think walk in dressing room, en suite and loads of light) and a new kitchen but we’re getting there slowly! […]

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Fashion Is a Croc!

Do you remember back in the day when Crocs first hit our streets? They were, probably, not the most fashionable of items for grown ups but something about them made me buy a pair and I remember LOVING them! People took the mickey out of me, I remember it well! Much like my Uggs, my friends told me they were ugly and I shouldn’t be wearing them! This only made me wear them even more and oh look… What became […]

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BBC’s In The Club Makes Terrible Mistakes!

I find myself shouting at the television when I spot terrible continuity mistakes in programmes and films. It’s silly really but it bugs the hell out of me. Like in the middle of ‘Dirty Dancing’ after Baby says she carried a watermelon and then you can clearly see her mouthing the same line in the next shot once they are supposed to have moved on. Or in Notting Hill when Hugh Grant throws orange juice over Julia Roberts then in […]

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It’s All In A Holiday – Mark Warner!

As she lay on her sun longer listening to the gentle crashes of waves on the beach just behind her, Ruthie knew she’d made the right decision to come on this holiday. To say she was relaxed was an understatement and as that’s what holidays are supposed to be about she felt rather pleased with herself indeed. They’d been away as a family before of course but with children in tow the chill levels had never managed to quite achieve what […]

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Fancy Dress Ride On Dragon By Tickled Pink Fancy Dress!

Everyone loves a bit of fancy dress but when it comes to the art I find we usually fall into two camps. There’s those of us who embrace it in every way, make our own costumes and don’t mind looking like a bit of a wally and there’s those of us (me) who prefer to buy their costumes and absolutely make sure that they still look as nice as possible when wearing them. I’ve gone to Halloween parties dressed as […]

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Jessica Ennis-Hill inspires parents to celebrate their baby’s Champion Moves!

Have you heard about the new #PampersLittleChampions Campaign? Jessica Ennis-Hill is the face of it and it’s all about getting our babies wearing the right kit (or nappies rather) for all the moving and shaking they do – as much as an athlete would you believe which is why Jessica is the perfect person to front it with Pampers! A couple of weeks ago I went to the launch of the #ThankYouMum campaign, something else that Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill is […]

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