Sweet Figgy Ginster Cocktail Recipe With 31Dover!

I’ve been at the gin cocktail making again and for this month have gone down a more Autumnal route as the weather is decidedly on the change and fresh produce is definitely moving from sunnier days into more brisk and crisp flavours. As per my wont the gin I’m using comes from 31 Dover, the online delivery booze place which comes up with the goods for the very next day and actually, at the moment has some pretty fantastic deals to be […]

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NUM NOMS Launch Series 4!

Num Noms are scented collectible characters which contain lip gloss or nail polish. There’s actually way more to it than just this and my daughter would be rolling at her eyes of my basic description but there we are… This is how important they are to me and that is how important they are to her. VERY! She flipping loves them! They are actually perfect pocket money fodder and can be bought as lone items or in packs – something which […]

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Blood Brothers National Tour – Norwich Theatre Royal – Review!

It’s not every day you’ll see a theatre experience a full house standing ovation,. I’m talking every single bottom from every single seat and with the audience in tremendous raptures! However, last night’s performance at Norwich Theatre Royal, opening night for the Norfolk leg of the national Blood Brothers tour, saw just that! I saw just that. I was part of just that. And I left the theatre smiling from ear to ear as I and the rest of the evening’s audience spilled […]

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The Top 10 In New Mum Hacks!

I am about to become a ‘new mum’ again any day now and it got me thinking about all the mum hack type things I’ve learned since I did this newborn baby malarkey for the first time. You start out blind and fudge your way through for a few weeks but eventually you find some top tips which make life SO much easier! I thought it would be a good idea to share some of this knowledge so I asked the […]

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Pregnancy. The Bitch!

Before I got pregnant this time I would wax lyrical about what a wonderfully beautiful experience carrying a child for 9 months is… I remember floating around like some bloody mother earth idiot and always having a smile on my face. Scratch that bloody record a minute will you! Now… I don’t know if I was A) looking back through rose tinted spectacles, B) just the luckiest super human EVER for rounds one and two or if C) I was […]

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What Do REAL Mums Pack In Their Hospital Bag?!

Ok, ok… I’ve done this twice before so I should know what I’m doing and when it comes to the hospital bag (even though I hope I won’t be going anywhere near a hospital – fingers crossed for a home birth)! I know only too well that we end up being cajoled into packing a whole heap of pap that we don’t need so… Here’s the benefit of my wisdom as a gal who has pushed two babes out of […]

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Come To My #WelcomeToTheClub Baby Shower With Mothercare!

Today I went for a little Nana nap (I AM 37 weeks pregnant – it IS allowed right?!) and when I woke up I had this mega awesome invitation to a baby shower being thrown on Friday morning. For ME! My lovely friends at Family Four Fun, Modern Mummy, Mummy Endeavours, Deep In Mummy Matters, Innocent Charms Chats, The Joy Of Five and N4Mummy have helped to organise this for me with my absolute faves Mothercare and on Friday morning […]

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DC Superhero Girls – Brain Drain DVD Launch Party!

On Saturday we went to London (what’s new) to meet up with one of our favourite group of pals, the Modern Mummy gang! I am reminded that trips to London are going to slow down in the coming weeks as the baby is due so soon so I am always happy to get them in while I can and this week’s reason was to celebrate the launch of the DC Superhero Girls film ‘Brain Drain’ on DVD! We had a great time […]

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Bring Holiday Home With James Villas!

One of the highlights of 2017 for us has been our amazing holiday with James Villas. My Mum, for a treat, took us to Majorca back in June and it kind of changed the way we think about holidays for the whole family. Renting a private villa with a private pool is a whole different story to staying in a busy hotel or even a villa complex and actually, I think we all rather fell in love with the notion. […]

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The End Of A Great Summer!

I knew it would go in a flash… Time always flies when you’re having fun and we packed so much of that into this summer holiday it was bound to disappear at the speed of light! I last write about our summer holiday when we were half way through and on holiday in Cornwall. It still seemed like we had ages left at that point but it could have been five minutes ago and here we are ready to go […]

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