The Quail From Egg Stoller!

A while back you might remember me going to the launch party for the new Quail stroller by Egg. It’s a little sister to the original Egg Stroller and though it owns many of the great features of the original it’s a more compact version perfect for City living! And a compact City friendly buggy is just what I’ve been after as though I live in the countryside and have a big buggy which perfectly suits my life there, I […]

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Half Term February 2018!

Half term was just last week but already it feels like weeks ago… Why is it that when you’re having fun the time flies on by and when you’re bored it seems to take an age?! Not fair huh! As per usual I had my lot here, there and everywhere for the holiday and we had heaps of fun, I just wish I could have them out of school like that more often because a week simply isn’t enough! They were […]

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Dinosaurs In The Wild – London!

Any ‘Friends’fan worth their salt will know exactly what a Paleontologist is and last week the kids and I got to try our hands at being one when we visited the Dinosaurs In The Wild exhibition currently on location at the Greenwich Peninsula. I call it an exhibition because I don’t know how else to name it but really it’s much more than that… Immersive experience? Perhaps that’s a better phrase… I don’t know but it’s blooming brilliant and left us with […]

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Mi-Pac Meets The Mr Men and Little Misses!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will have seen my amazing rose gold bags from Mi-Pac about a million times. I got the swing bag back last summer and used it for everything, I get so many compliments about that bag and it’s one of my absolute favourites of all time ever. Then when I had Raffie I used the same colour and material in one of Mi-Pac’s weekender totes to pack all my bits to take to the hospital. […]

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Gong Hey Fat Choy With Shrek’s Adventure, London!

There’s no doubt that a day out in London can cost a pretty penny so I’m a massive one to shout about ways to save those purse strings from breaking open because London does have an amazing array of fabulously fancy free things to take advantage of with the kids as well. Most of the bigger museums have free entry and others a one off ticket price which will last the whole year so that you can re-visit. There are also […]

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Discover Newmarket And The National Stud!

One of the fun things we did this half term was take a trip to the National Stud and Palace House (The National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and Sporting Art) in Newmarket. Discover Newmarket runs a number of tours around the UK Home of Horseracing and the family friendly National Stud and Palace House (and it really is family friendly) offers a really great day out for children.  I know, I wouldn’t have thought of it either but really and truly we just […]

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Half Term – Dinosaurs In The Wild!

My Mum asked me if I was going to ‘let the children have a bit of a rest’ this holiday… WHAT?!?! Not on your nelly smelly! Rest is for the weak and when we spent the whole of October half term on the sofa because I had just had a c-section it would seem only right that for February we go out and see to be seen! I have loads planned and although today, Saturday, has been cleaning, cake baking […]

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Dearest Raffie – You Are 4 Months Old!

Another month has slipped on by with the blink of an eye and you are growing so big it”s hard to imagine that you ever fit inside my tummy yet it was just 17 and a half weeks ago that you did! I realised this month, on the 6th, it marks exactly a year since we found out that I was pregnant with you and although it seemed so far away imagining you being here time must have been put […]

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The Band Musical At Norwich Theatre Royal!

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Norwich is an absolutely wonderful city when it comes to appreciating the arts! It’s come a LONG way since I was a teenager and I am so proud to be able to bring my kids up in such a diverse part of the country while it still holds its country charm! Back in the nineties when I was growing up there really wasn’t that much going on here so I am thrilled […]

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You’ve Got Your Hands Full!

Everyone keeps asking me if it’s harder with three. ‘You must have your hands full’ they say and then they ask me how I cope?! Honestly, most of the time, I cope just fine and three really is the magic number! We’ve just been loving having our bigger family and though there’s more to contend with and more to organise, it’s just perfect. I feel incredibly lucky and like I’ve absolutely won the lottery! Remember that line from ‘The Goonies’ […]

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