Dearest Raffie – You Are 4 Months Old!

Another month has slipped on by with the blink of an eye and you are growing so big it”s hard to imagine that you ever fit inside my tummy yet it was just 17 and a half weeks ago that you did! I realised this month, on the 6th, it marks exactly a year since we found out that I was pregnant with you and although it seemed so far away imagining you being here time must have been put on fast forward because now I can”t remember what it was like without you.

You are talking to me lots and trying to roll over. You get terribly frustrated when you can’t and I know that you are going to be just like Florence. Hard working and determined. I see that in you already and it reminds me of her so much. You remind me of Jimmy too, you’re all so alike!

All three of my babies in the same outfit at a similar age. Raffie on the left then Jimmy top right and Florence bottom right!

You light up when Florence and Jimmy talk to you which makes my heart sing. They walk into a room and you stop whatever you are doing to look at them and I love watching them adore you. which they do. Jimmy gave you his beloved Twirliwoo collection the other day and sang you the theme tune adding on an extra ”Don”t forget Raffie too” at the end of the song and Florence talks to you like a little Mummy ”There, there Raffie, Florence is here” I hear her telling you when you cry and she has you on her knee.

You have this past month also enjoyed your first holiday to Center Parcs (you are a water baby like me and your brother and sister), met your baby cousin on a Mummy and Raffie day in London, decided that you don”t like loud noises, loved going to your first baby groups, become fascinated by the cats and you have been having terrible acid reflux which the Doctor has given you some medicine for. You sleep next to me, under my wing mainly and in your Sleepyhead in the middle of the bed. You smile lots, only laugh once at anything (clever boy making us work for your beautiful giggles) and show us all every day that sleep is for the weak! You weigh a fraction over 14lb and are beautiful beyond words!

Center Parcs is a GREAT family holiday!