Half Term – Dinosaurs In The Wild!

My Mum asked me if I was going to ‘let the children have a bit of a rest’ this holiday… WHAT?!?! Not on your nelly smelly! Rest is for the weak and when we spent the whole of October half term on the sofa because I had just had a c-section it would seem only right that for February we go out and see to be seen! I have loads planned and although today, Saturday, has been cleaning, cake baking and birthday party ferrying, the rest of it has got to be jam packed!

And mainly we are jam packing it with friends! We haven’t seen the Modern Mummy gang since before I had Raffie. BEFORE! Hes’s never met some of our bestest friend in the world so we are meeting up with them in London for a party and we’re also seeing other blog buddies, the Mummy Matters ensemble when we go to Newmarket for the day to visit the stud! We will also be visiting some Leytonstone pals, going to BeWILDerwood, Gressenhall, swimming, a trip to the cinema and seeing some family as well as anything else I can squeeze in but one of the most exciting things the kids are looking forward to is going to London to see Dinosaurs in the Wild! Time travelling, dinsoaurs and a whole heap of awesome – take a look at the trailer here!

We can’t wait for that and then we will probably take a trip on the Emirates cable car because that and the DLR pretty much make a day out for Jimmy! We miss a few things in London so will try to do as much as possible while we are there and then back to Norfolk where we hope to finish off half term with a trip to our lovely Cromer!

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