Say No To Unsafe Schooling!

Say No To Unsafe Schooling! On an ordinary day would you send your children to school if you thought they might be in danger? Of course not! I don’t actually think I know any mother who would say ‘Hmmm, a good chance they won’t be safe… Ok? Well, let’s give it a whirl shall we?!’ Because we are, by nature, the protectors of those we love and to do that would be the antithesis! We would see our children’s safety […]

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QUICK WEBSITES BRING QUICK PROBLEMS LOOKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE SOLUTION The internet is a world unto itself and we exist as much there as we do in the real world. With that in mind, there is as much a focus on developing your business for the online customers as there is one who walks through your door. Business owners with little time to focus outsource their website development to a professional web developer to save time and money from […]

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10 Ways To Entertain Your Lockdown!

10 Ways To Entertain Your Lockdown! Family 1) How about a quiz with your extended via Zoom?! We’ve been doing kids quizzes for the littles but on a Sunday night the Grandparents, us and my sister in law all join in for a round of 10 questions each – I’ve been doorstep delivering fresh eggs from the farm the next day as ‘Egg on your face’ boobie prizes to the losers! Fun 2) TikTok is a FAB way of getting […]

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DIY For Lockdown!

DIY For Lockdown! I think a lot of us are partaking in a bit of DIY for lockdown activities and we are no exception. The good thing for us was that I often have these grand ideas of what I’m going to do with a room, buy all the stuff and then never find the time to actually do it so we had a lot of the things we needed already and now have been given the time to get […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Seven!

Lockdown Diary Week Seven! After a terrific weekend of celebration last weekend for Jimmy’s birthday it felt a little flat on Monday morning to be back at school and Jimmy did not cope with the adjustment from fun to work well. We had a bit of a meltdown on the first day of the week but with a promise of a 4 day week for the VE Day bank holiday Friday it soon got better. I think we struggle to […]

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Win A Coleman Octagon 8 Tent!

Win A coleman Octagon 8 Tent! This weekend for Jimmy’s lockdown birthday with an army theme we pitched our latest Coleman Tent in the garden and built an army base camp. It was great timing as we’d planned this already then found out that Jimmy and Florence both had been invited to join in with their beaver and cub groups for a remote camp in the garden with Zoom sing-a-longs around the camp fire! We might not be able to […]

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Lockdown Diary Week Six!

Lockdown Diary Week Six! Six weeks, that’s a summer holiday’s worth of time that we’ve been home on lockdown and I have to say that really and truly, aside from the weirdness of not seeing Gram and other family, it has rather felt like a summer holiday in lots of ways. We have been happy and enjoying each other’s company while basking on sunny days in the garden – when we’ve been gifted some sunshine that is, this past week […]

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Jimmy Is 8!

Jimmy Is 8! Every time one of my babies gets a year older I say the same thing, how? HOW has it been another year and where does the time go?! I really do mean that though because it literally flies by making me know that I am having the time of my life bringing them all up and that it all evaporates is because we are having so much fun making me remember the age old saying of ‘Time […]

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