32 Weeks Pregnant!

32 Weeks Pregnant!

Well I’m finally on the home stretch as I call the last bit after 30 weeks and couldn’t be happier about it but I’ve had this time in my mind for so long feeling like it would suddenly feel nearly over and it really doesn’t actually. 8 weeks is a bloody long road in lots of respects – if only I could be the pregnant lady I wanted to be for the final time of doing it and float around the place like mother nature herself feeling like a vessel of life. Reality is I’m still annoyed to be feeling grim with the now added bonus thrown in of indigestion when I DO manage to eat.

Yes I’m a moaner. We’ve established that so bite me!

I worked out that by the end of this pregnancy I will have spent 3 years of my life carrying babies which is more than enough. More than happy to do it (honest) as the end result is so rewarding but don’t mistake me, I will grumble regardless because being pregnant is a little bit shit actually.

Can’t drink wine for a start which is just the very end in itself but now have got to the stage where I don’t even want to. What have I become?!

I’ll let you into a secret when it comes to packing for my hospital bag, by the third baby I knew I needed Prosecco in there over everything else. Keep your perineum creams and nipple shields, forget the nappies and baby grows (ok, you might want to actually not forget to pack those) and do away with the hair bands for a nice juicy glass of bubbles is absolutely necessary. Who says wetting the baby’s head is Daddy’s prerogative. Make it yours, it’s certainly mine!

Anyway… Christmas is coming, Florence turns 11 and Jonny has his birthday on the 2nd then I am very definitely on the final count down. Come on baby Knowles the 4th, and can you please come on the 31st of January as I love the synchronicity of Jonny and Jimmy being 2nds, me and the Raff being on 9ths and Florence is a 31st so she needs a partner.

Hey, I MIGHT be having a baby next month! Whoop, whoop!

Am I having a baby next month?! Might be!
All dressed up with absolutely nowhere but the kitchen to dance in – Christmas bauble bump!