4 Gifts To Send A New Mummy ( That Aren’t Baby Grows)

4 Gifts To Send A New Mummy ( That Aren’t Baby Grows)

Now, don’t get me wrong, babygrows are all well and good. After all, the more you have the less laundry you will need to do. However, when you become a mum everything is really focused on the baby, and well, it can feel as if you get a little bit lost in the mix. The good thing is that a thoughtful gift or two designed with mum in mind can help combat this. In fact, it can give a new mum a much-needed boost just at the right time. With that in mind, keep reading to find suggestions on the perfect gift for new mums. 

A thermal mug 

One of the things they don’t tell you when you have a baby is that you can say goodbye to finishing an entire hot drink! After all, there is always some task that needs to be completed such as a nappy change or a cry to be soothed. 

That is why a thermal mug is a great option as a gift for a new mum as it means no matter how many times they are interrupted, the drink will stay hot. Although it is smart to make sure you choose one that stays cool on the outside and has a seal so none of that all so important coffee leaks out and is safe to be used around the baby. 


Everyone loves to receive a beautiful bunch of flowers and new mums are no exception to this rule. Indeed, a bouquet of flowers can serve a double purpose as there is something that mums can enjoy while in the hospital, as well as something that will keep their house looking bright and welcoming when it’s time to bring the baby home. 

The good news is it’s easy to order flowers that suit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Just be sure to pick something that you know mum will like rather than blooms based on the gender of their child, as this will help to make sure she knows the gift is all about her. 

A spa day voucher 

While mum won’t be able to head off to the spa straight away, a voucher for a day or experience can be the perfect treat to look forward to during those first few tough and sleepless weeks. 

Of course, you must choose treatments that are safe for postpartum and nursing mothers here. The good news is the spa you book with should be able to advise on this for you. 

A new mummy toiletry package 

One thing that can really benefit a new mum is some pampering and self-care. Indeed, as their body will have gone through and still be going through many changes, providing the opportunity for some relief and some time to connect with this new way of being can be a very thoughtful gift. 

With that in mind, why not consider investing in a new mummy toiletries package or hamper? These often curtains items such as nipple balm, lip balm and skin oil, and other treats to help her get back to feeling her best self. All without a babygrow in sight!