A Chic Achica Wishlist!

Over the Christmas period I was introduced to Achica, an exclusive members-only luxury lifestyle store! I’ve heard of discount websites before where you can pick up brilliant bargains with amazing discounts but have always been really disappointed when I’ve seen the calibre of what’s actually on offer. Not so with Achica; I was amazed at the quality of the products on sale and even more surprised at the prices. You can pick up like for like products from other retailers for well over 50% more! In some cases I saw discounts of 80% which is astonishing when you consider the products being reduced exclusively at Achica are items like Egyptian cotton towels and items from ‘Liberty’ with their signature prints! Joining was super easy and took minutes then I was able to browse everything on offer!

It may have just been Christmas and we might be supposed to all be tightening our belts but with offers this good I couldn’t help but keep browsing, which has obviously turned into making a purchase… Oh well, you only live once and like I said, the discounts are that amazing that I’m not even going to feel guilty! The difficulty now is deciding what to buy and what to let go… I’ve made a bit of a wish list actually:

For Christmas we were given some beautiful bedding which is far more superior to anything else we own.  I wasn’t aware until we started using the new sheets how lovely really expensive bedding is to use and it’s kind of turned my head if I’m honest… The thread count is actually going to be top of my list of priorities over price in the future but that usually would mean we just won’t be buying any at all… In step a natty little offer from Achica where this PiP Studio Chinese Rose Duvet Cover Set (in king size no less) is just £75 instead of £140. That’s a whopping half price saving. We got a little bit of Christmas money given to us and I think it’s going to have to be spent on something we need unfortunately… With something like this though and I’d feel it was a bit of a treat too! The set is 100% cotton percale with a 200 thread count – lovely!

Next on my list is this gorgeous Mr&Mrs Fragrance Fred Ceramic Diffuser (I like white but it comes in a range of colours to choose from)! I can’t stand incense but do like my home to smell fragranced so I often use reed diffusers. unfortunately the diffusers that come with some oils aren’t too pretty and the nice looking ones are a bit out of my price range so make it a bit too expensive to bother! Not with this one as it’s down from £31 to just £11.99! Bargain!

Now anyone that knows me will know that I’m a baby product fanatic and clothing is something I can barely help myself buying! When it’s in the sale I’m an even bigger spender! If I see something really good then I might even buy it in advance and shop for next year – my husband despairs of me! I simply love this Organic Zoo range of children’s clothes and just look at the prices, who wouldn’t?

And if I’ve been shopping for the children I may as well shop for the rest of the family! I mentioned earlier about ‘Liberty’ printed products and it caught my eye because I’m a big fan! We’re off to my Dad’s in a couple of weeks for a fake Christmas as we didn’t get to see each other over the actual festivities. We’ll be exchanging gifts then instead so making a purchase for him is absolutely necessary and I think he might love this ‘Liberty’ print tie! It’s a pattern that I’m rather keen on but there are lots more to choose from!

Ok, that’s enough window shopping for other people and back to me! This is MY wish list after all…  I never have a nice pair of sun glasses on account of the fact that nice pairs are expensive and I inevitably sit on, crunch in the car door, lose or scratch mine… I have to buy real cheapy ones which are always rubbish looking with terrible lenses which are bad for your eyes. This year I could have myself an ‘expensive pair’ half price so that I won’t wince too much when the inevitable happens! I love the look of these Bottega Veneta Sole ones.

And we’re back to the children again! Well who wouldn’t want to see this Arte Espina Pirate Rug on the floor in the play room – this really is a WISH list cause first I’ll have to get a play room! Shame Achica don’t sell houses too!

I could go on and on and baring in mind that deals come up daily – each lasting 72 hours only, then I think I’ll be doing a lot more browsing and wish list making in the future too! It’s free to join and become a valued member and extremely easy to do so. I became a member in a matter of minutes after inputting my details. You don’t have to be bombarded with emails and can choose how often you receive notifications, be it daily or weekly when you are reminded of new promotions which start at 6.30am daily with a Thursday late night shopping promotion starting at 6.30pm! Whatever purchase you’re after making, Achica are sure to have something to catch your eye and at a price which won’t make you gasp!

Disclaimer – I was given a voucher as a gift in return for writing this article but all opinions are my own.