Campingaz Kitchen 2CV!

Campingaz Kitchen 2CV!

Every year we get better and better at the camping malarkey which we love, but are probably still rather novice at. Every year I have a list of new things I must add to our kit (the camping washing line always seems to be on it and ALWAYS seems to get forgotten) and one of those things has been a double camping stove. We have the Campigaz Party grill which is extensive and great for cooking everything from BBQ to pizza but it does mean you can only boil one pan at a time as it’s a singular hob. Because cooking pasta (nice and easy camping fodder) requires a sauce to go with it I have always had to do one first, then the other meaning a double stove has been on my list!

In step the Campingaz Kitchen 2CV with those double burners (that have adjustable knobs for the heat), and a lid which also acts as a wind break. It’s great and does exactly what I needed it to do using gas pretty efficiently too. Of course the easy pasta and sauce is a go-er, as is bacon and eggs WITH a cup of tea at the same time but what I really, really like about having a double stove is that you can make camping food as great as eating out with no trouble at all!

Money is tight this year for everyone and camping is such an affordable way to have a holiday but it’s all the extras which can pile up. Once you’ve bought your tent (we have the Coleman Weathermaster 6XL Blackout Air Tent and I can’t recommend it enough other than to say actually, we’d like the same again but bigger so that Gram can come with us, it’s on the list) you can add to the kit every year and site fees are pretty cheap. We stayed at the Camping and Caravanninng Club’s Seacroft in Cromer recently, a site I’ve been visiting since I was a baby, for £43 a night (and it has a heated pool) but like I said, it’s the extras which pile on the cost. To keep that as low as possible taking food with us is the ticket however, it’s not much of a holiday when you don’t get to eat nice things so I decided with the Campingaz Kitchen 2CV we could absolutely have the best of both worlds. Pasta, and sauce remember! But it doesn’t have to be boring!

As we were in Cromer I decided crab had to be on the menu, when in Crome’ and all that, and whipped up a crab linguine on the stove in about 10 minutes. Perfect! Al dente spaghettie and just a small handful of ingredients created the perfect dish for a holiday, for Cromer and for camping! Check it out on my Instagram!

So, the kitchen is an excellent addition to our camping kit – there’s more too! We also have a brand new Coleman Camping Wagon which I’ll be telling you about in another post! I also now have added to my list for our next trip considerably too and not least MUST be that camping washing line, can someone please remind me about that before it goes out of my head, I’m in a field and trying to get towels dry again?!


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