How To Camp Better With A Large Family!

How To Camp Better With A Large Family! While we are by no means the experts in the field of camping, I don’t think you have to be to enjoy this absolutely terrific style of family holiday. Is it hard work? Well, yes, in all honesty it is. It’s hard work before you leave, from the planning and packing (playing Jenga in the car more like) and it’s hard work when you’re there (with children at any rate – keeping […]

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Coleman Tents 8 Position Recliner Chair!

Coleman Tents 8 Position Recliner Chair! As you will know by now, we love to camp! Camping, for us, is a way of having a break away with the family, on a budget, without scrimping too much on comfort. I mean, it might not sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, sleeping beneath the stars, but it’s all down to the investments made when choosing your kit which makes the difference. Creating a home away from home by […]

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Coleman Camping Wagon!

Coleman Camping Wagon! We have used wagons over the years for camping but have had limited success. They have always started out as a really good idea but have, in practice, been tricky to manoeuvre and essentially not strong enough for the job. I’ve even tried buying a heavy duty garden wagon thinking even if it didn’t pull terribly well that it might at least deal with the weight of a tent but I have to say, none have. We […]

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Campingaz Kitchen 2CV!

Campingaz Kitchen 2CV! Every year we get better and better at the camping malarkey which we love, but are probably still rather novice at. Every year I have a list of new things I must add to our kit (the camping washing line always seems to be on it and ALWAYS seems to get forgotten) and one of those things has been a double camping stove. We have the Campigaz Party grill which is extensive and great for cooking everything […]

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