Coleman Tents 8 Position Recliner Chair!

Coleman Tents 8 Position Recliner Chair!

As you will know by now, we love to camp! Camping, for us, is a way of having a break away with the family, on a budget, without scrimping too much on comfort. I mean, it might not sound like the most comfortable thing in the world, sleeping beneath the stars, but it’s all down to the investments made when choosing your kit which makes the difference.

Creating a home away from home by buying the essentials, with foresight, is my top tip to a camping trip which feels like luxury and, if you know, then you know, and if you don’t then I’ll tell you, Coleman Tents are the very brand for catering to family camping needs. From their blackout bedrooms in some of their tents (game changer with kids) to the camping wagon which carries all your clobber, they’ve got this camping malarkey sussed and know, not just what will sell well for them as a business, but what makes a really great camping trip!

Camping is an art, it’s perhaps something which when you begin doesn’t come naturally in terms of knowing what to pack, but, as time goes on and you learn which items are most required, building that kit of yours year after year is something which is very rewarding. Coleman, especially for beginners, will eliminate making silly and unnecessary purchases. If you buy a Coleman item, big, or small, you will be sure to use it and be glad of it and that’s why they’re my go to.

We have bought many items from Coleman over the years and have been lucky enough to partner with them each year on some collaborative reviews as well. Just this summer we’ve written about the Coleman Camping Wagon and the Campingaz Kitchen 2CV cooker which have been very welcome additions to our kit. The double stove for us is a massive hit as it can obviously cook two things at once, sounds a small things but actually makes camping life so much easier that it’s a really big deal. Pasta and a sauce ready at the same time, bacon and eggs likewise or simply the ability to heat up some porridge while you boil the kettle and it turns camp cooking into something which is far easier, and penny saving, than going out!

Another brilliant product we’ve been road testing this season has been the Coleman 8 Position Recliner Chair. I say “we” but frankly I’ve barely been given a look in, as soon as the seats come out someone else is on them and it’s easy to see why! Super comfy cushions with, of course, 8 points of reclining at the easy pull of the arm rests. Once fully reclined you’re almost bed like and though I initially thought perhaps I’d need a foot rest to maximise the comfort levels, really and truly one of those is not necessary. These chairs are double comfort and though fairly large, when folded flat and inside their bags, they are both light and easy to slip into the car on top of or below other items taking up almost no room at all. The chairs, and the stove and wagon for that matter, are items we will be using all year round (unlike our fair weather camping days of summer) when we go on day camps to the beach! This is exactly what we did yesterday and once we’d used the wagon to take all our stuff across the dunes in Southwold, we set up a spot to cook lunch and sit (Florence and her friend, my friend and I were relegated to the floor) all day! What lushness!

Bacon and eggs on the beach for breakfast, brunch and supper is a staple in our house and as we spend a lot of time on the coast which we are lucky enough to live not too far away from, we do this come rain or shine. The chairs, under a blanket in the winter, will be a welcome addition to whiling away a misty sea breezed afternoon with a hot bap and a mug of builders! Talk about perfection!

Another great addition to the ever evolving camping kit, be that for day camps or over nighters! The thing now is, I need 4 more or we will fight over these chairs compared to our old ones!

The Coleman Tents 8 Position Recliner Chairs and Campingaz 2CV stove have been gifted as part of a collaboration.

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