Celebrations Personalised With PrezzyBox!

Celebrations Personalised With PrezzyBox!

Don’t you just love on line shopping? Well, whether you do or you don’t you might not have much choice this Christmas and without the option of browsing the shops sometimes it’s pretty hard to find exactly the right thing for certain people. I for one really struggle with older boys and young men? Having never been one or yet to have discovered mothering one they are a bit of an enigma to me when it comes to gifts (I mean boyfriend gifts are easy as you’ll know the chap pretty well but any other guys and I’m like hmmmm?)! My brothers are both in their late twenties and trying to find something for them is not really my forte. This is when I’d turn to a service like Prezzybox who have loads of advice and suggestions for you. Perfect!

They also do brilliant bespoke faves like the Cadbury’s Roses I posted about the other day and I couldn’t resist trying their box of personalised Celebrations as well. I got a box with our family name on them and thought I’d bring them out with the Christmas Eve boxes. Because then we call all share them and enjoy the yums together.

I love the bespoke chocolates they’re doing as presents this year and the fact everything comes delivered eliminating that aspect of sending gifts is even better! Affordable, fun and very helpful would be my view of Prezzybox.com and I shall be using their service for more of my Christmas gifts this year – it’s lush to go actual shopping for the first 30 minutes but the stress of it always takes the edge off the fun. Sat at my dining table with a browse of the web is far more up my street as a heavily pregnant me, lockdown or no lockdown!

In collaboration with Prezzybox.com.

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