Christmas 2021!

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Christmas 2021!

We had a jolly old time, here it is in pictures! The build up, the big day, Florence’s 12th birthday, NYE, Jonny’s birthday and all the fun while off school. I would do it all again in a heart beat but first I need time to have a bit of a diet before the next!

We started festive fun early with Stick Man!
That was way back in October so mega early doors but then 2021 and we deserve it right?!
We waited until mid November for the Thursford Christmas spectacular!
The end of November was for The Snowman!
Which we loved!
So gorgeous these two!
And My First Panto at The Garage, Norwich!
The annual 1st of December Christmas jumper picture!
With more Christmas jumpers coming up closely behind!
The start of advent and chocolate for breakfast!
Another December day, another outfit!
The Pensthorpe Santa’s Explorer with Gram!
And the first Santa visit of the season there too!
Cutting down our own Christmas tree!
Then decorating it!
So much fun!
Then a second Santa’s Grotto at the London Transport Museum!
Where we helped fix Santa’s sleigh!
And had a family picture in Covent Garden!
Dressed up in Mummy’s 80s clobber for a Christmas tree pic!
Presents under the tree!
Christmassy Bookbugs and Dragontales class!
Florence’s Christmas showcase!
Christmas Book Bugs and Dragon Tales Bounce and Rhyme!
With cake!
A mini Christmas party at ours!
Biscuit decorating!
Gram and I made Raffie and his pals some superhero cape tops!
They love them!
Our friends bought Posie the cutest little ear warmer!
Another day, another outfit!
For the play group Christmas party!
Which Florence came to as she broke up earlier than everyone else!
Unbelievable that I used to bring Florence here and now she’s basically in charge of everyone!
A Florence treat at the Rooftop Gardens!
With Gram!
And Posie!
Just the girls!
Massive portion of chips decoded that Florence wants to come here for her birthday – don’t blame her!
Such a lovely place to sit, we all love it!
Room for dessert!
Last day of term!
Off to school with teacher gifts!
Making cakes with a recipe the elves brought!
Those pesky elves!
Fairhaven Water Garden Christmas Lights!
So sweet!
Small but gorgeous!
But VERY cold!
Little red noses all round!
A lovely evening!
We all loved it!
Especially the roasting marshmallows at the end!
And the eating!
We went to the theatre to see Jack Frost!
The show was ace!
Pixie elf!
Watching the carousel go round!
Festive Gymbo fun!
Festive dipping!
Gram always comes with us!
A duo in a locker!
Writing our Christmas lists!
These are your tights, there’s a Rudolph on your bum – we made up a song!
Grazing tea every day!
Ready for bed to wake up Christmas Eve morning!
A little pudding!
And My First Christmas – this was also Florence’s!
Christmas Eve and a Happy Birthday to Papa!
Cousin fun!
Christmas Eve boxes!
Leaving Father Christmas a treat was super special, especially for Raffie!
Gram helped!
Opening the stockings!
With help!
Us in our matching jammies!
Who was the table football bought for?!
Christmas hats!
Oh Posie!
Oh Raffie!
And hats and jokes!
So much food!
The Christmas gang!
More presents!
Boxing Day in our finery!
Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl!
Pinball machine fun!
More food!
More new dresses!
A visit from Ellie!
A trip to Pizza Express!
My nearly 12 year old!
The tunnel of light in Norwich which is a bit poo if you ask me!
Football boys!
Gymboree fun!
Always a fab time!
Celebrating Florence’s birthday on New Years Eve with a game of bowling!
A meal at The Rooftop Gardens!
A New Year’s Eve/Birthday party!
A Grandad visit for New Year’s Day!
New Year’s Day Fireworks in Cromer!
Awesome as always!
But not everyone loved them!
Daddy’s birthday!
Pancakes for breakfast!
He was pleased even with second hand balloons!
Not everyone likes pancakes though!
The only picture I took when friends came for a birthday dinner, so unlike me!
Posie turned 11 months old!
Which made us all wonder if we’re living in a speeded up time bubble!
She’s still the dinkiest dot though!
But harder to photograph lying down!
And then Daddy went back to work, Florence and Gram went to London for a shopping mini break and it was suddenly a bit quieter than I like and definitely felt on the road to back to school…
We of course took a dip to take our mind off it!
Raffie went back one day before Florence and Jimmy, just the afternoon so it was a morning of fun at Gymbo!
One more day of the holidays and then they were over. But it was so much fun – here’s to the next!

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