Easy Free Mini Christmas Hats Knitting Pattern!

Easy Free Mini Christmas Hats Knitting Pattern!

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This is my own pattern and I’m sure mega knitters would think my attempt very crude but if you fancy giving it a go it’s SO easy to knit and these really do take minutes. If you want to know how to cast on and do various stitches just check out YouTube tutorial knitting bloggers as they’re so helpful.

You will need:

4mm knitting needles, red and white yarn, a darning needle, a fork and a pair of scissors.

Casting on (CO), knit/garter (K), pearl (p) and knit two together (k2tog)


CO 12

K 3 (snip end leaving a small length)

K in the red to end of row and tie left lengths together

P a row

Repeat last two rows

K1, k2tog, k6, k2tog, k1

P a row

K1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, k1

P a row

K1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1

P a row

K1, k2tog, k2tog, k1

P a row

Bring the red thread through the last two Stitches using the darning needle and take the knitting off the knitting needle. Sew up the hat down the on the wrong side of the knitting, then tie the ends and snip them away. (With a bigger project you would sew the ends in but there’s no need here).

Make a pom pom by winding white yarn around a fork. When it’s big enough tie a length of yarn through the middle tightly and snip down the sides before slipping off the fork and sewing it onto the top of the hat. I like to do this while it is still inside out, then again I tie off the ends and snip away any excess.

Now your Mini Christmas hat is ready to pop on top of a lolly pop which you can use to top a sweetie cone. I used red and white sweets to keep the theme and my Cricut Joy to make the beard, buttons and writing on the luggage label which acts as a Santa’s sack. A personalised message can be written on the other side and this is what I’m making this year for Jonny to give to the children in his class at Christmas!

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