Friday Night Treat Tea – Sheep Theme!

Friday Night Treat Tea – Sheep Theme!

This week’s Friday Night Treat Tea didn’t go according to plan… I think we can safely say I’ve done better! However, with a sheep theme (because Posie just LOVES sheep) and some semblance of sheep on the party table the little two really appreciated it all anyway!

Cream cheese sheep sandwiches in a flower meadow of leaves and carrots, a hot chocolate sheep (the face, oh my!), a cake pop sheep (I needed candy melts and only had white chocolate buttons – I have noted that these do NOT suffice) and a little sheep pooping out blueberries (which was the best hit and yet neither of the little two like blueberries, I did not know this)!

Anyway, here it is!

Not my best effort by a long shot!
I don’t even want to start to explain!
Nor with this!
The best bit of a bad bunch!
Yes, she’s thinking, I like sheep but this?!?!
I mean chocolates chocolate right?!

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