Orchard Toys Christmas Eve Box!

Orchard Toys Christmas Eve Box!

I’m not sure where the idea for a Christmas Eve Box came in but we very firmly embraced it in our house and now, of course, it’s here to stay! We generally do a book, some pyjamas, a small stocking filler and a sweet treat so nothing big really but it builds the excitement and it’s the last offering from our elves before the big day and FC comes to visit. It also sits well in my Christmas because I don’t allow presents to just be opened at will – we have a structure of stockings first thing and then all the tree presents have to wait until after lunch (which is, knowing me, usually more like the evening time)! So to have a little something in advance is always a lovely thing I think!

Last year Raffie had the Christmas Eve Box from Orchard Toys as his little gift. They’re really great just as they are, no more boxes required because inside the Orchard Toys Christmas Eve Box is filled with enough lovely things to make it a superb pre-Christmas treat! This year’s box has a game of helping Christmas Chef’s make a festive dessert and it involves matching utensils and ingredients with decorations in a bid to be the first one to make their dessert, and a Christmas activity book with puzzles and colouring in, as well as other activities, AND it also has a festively themed 30 piece puzzle aimed for ages 3-6. It is, as always, lovely and as always, at the rather fair price of £14!

This year when you make your purchase, Orchard Toys will also donate another box to the NSPCC so when you buy a gift for your child, you are also buying for a little one who might not be in such a happy home as your own. I love Orchard Toys even more than I already did. They’re such good people, who make such wonderful games for little ones and their ethics are spot on, no wonder they’ve celebrated such a big birthday recently!

We have many of their games and have enjoyed so many over the years but our favourite is the Three Little Pigs which, it pained me this morning to have to throw away. It has been so loved and played so much over the years it has finally fallen apart and is missing too many pieces to play. So while I was gifted the Orchard Toys Christmas Eve Box this year I shall be again buying The Three Little Pigs because though they do have a great strength for lasting, this one was a decade old and we are due a new version because we can’t say goodbye to an old fave. We will have that under our tree for the little two to play after dinner on Christmas Day!


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