Happy New Year! Now Is It Time For The Big Christmas De-Puff?!

We’re back from our Christmas break and I’m feeling rather flat with my emotion. I don’t know, you spend all this time looking forward to it, preparing, buying, building excitement and then it’s all over. Like with holidays, weddings and for me, anything which is exciting, it gives me a bit of a come down afterwards! We had an absolutely lovely time though and every one of my expectations was fulfilled. It was filled with the kind of brilliance and magic only a child can bring to the table on Christmas day and having Florence who fully understood about everything this year made it all the more memorable for all of us. Knowing that she enjoyed every single second of it, from the leaving out a mince-pie and glass of sherry for you know who to opening the very last present, has made my year and Jimmy had an absolutely superb time as well. I loved it all and have some fab pictures to look back on what was an utterly wonderful and family filled festive yule!




Christmas wasn’t the end of the celebration time in the Rocknrollerbaby house for we have half the family birthdays within a few days of it and although I can hardly believe where the time has gone, Florence turned 3 on New Year’s Eve! It doesn’t seem five minutes since I held my baby girl for the very first time at twenty to midnight back in 2009. That magical night I fed her as snow fell and the fireworks popped outside my window wondering if anyone could actually be as happy as I felt in that moment or if it must be a dream. Thankfully it was reality and she continues to make my heart swell with every minute of every day and it only gets better and better. On her birthday I said to her ‘Florence, this day three years ago you made me happier and lighter than I’d ever been before’. She looked at me and said ‘Mummy, you’re so sweet’! Every year I take her picture at the time she was born and this year was no different so just before the clock chimed in the new year, I lay down in bed with her for her third birthday picture.


Me and my gal, 3 years to the minute that she was born!

She had such a lovely day and had so many wonderful presents, I’ll write about a few of them in the coming weeks because some of them were totally superb! The Plum Kitchen she was given is even better than my own kitchen – what a lucky girl! And then it was Jonny’s 35th on the 2nd January so we partied all over again! Poor old Jonny, by the time it hits his day everyone is totally spent in every sense of the word and it’s always a bit quiet. I do think   Florence, who was due on his birthday, has the best of a bad bunch of days. It’s a shame it’s so close to Christmas but at least everyone is up for a party and still feeling very festive! However, Jonny loved his card from Florence which she told him read: ”I love it when you’re at home all day and I’ll miss you when you go back to work’!


Her lovely cake and discovering one of the many wonderful presents!


The very bad picture of Jonny blowing out a recycled cupcake. (One of Florence’s)!

And then the celebrating stopped… Well it had to at some point I suppose and I’m left feeling flat of emotion but certainly that’s the only place I feel flat… Take out the l and I’m left with FAT I’m afraid! Time to de-puff from all my excesses (there were lots) and get back on a diet of some kind with a hope that I can look and feel a bit slim again… Except we still do actually have one more Christmas party to party as we’re going for ‘fake Christmas’ at my Dad’s in a couple of weeks where we get to do it all over again! Yaaaaaaay, Oh sod the diet! What’s the point in losing pounds to then eat my body weight in chocolate in the not so distant future… Come the middle of January and de-puffing will be firmly on the agenda but for now I’m remaining in celebration mode – speaking of celebrations, has anyone seen my tub? I feel I should eat 1 or a hundred!

Happy New Year Everyone!