How To Start A Jewelery Making Business

How To Start A Jewelery Making Business

As your reputation grows and demands that your creations grow, it may be worth considering starting a full, registered business. This process can be challenging, and many first-time jewelry makers may find it daunting. Here are some easy steps to starting a jewelry manufacturing business. If you have had your heart set on creating gold necklaces or handmade silver rings, nothing is stopping you from pulling on the wonderful inspiration of other great brands that inspire you.


Before launching your business, it is essential to have some jewelry business ideas. What will you call your business? With so much competition infiltrating the industry, you need to come up with a name that stands out, resonates with your customers, and fits your brand philosophy. You know what type of jewels you want to acquire and the style that you want to show. 

Some jewelry business owners use their name to create their brand. Alternatively, if you are partnering with someone else, maybe use both of their names or initials? Alternatively, even coin them in a new word? If instead, you go for something that reflects your brand personality, get some paper, and scribble some ideas. If your only goal is metal stamping designs, try incorporating them into your name. Alternatively, if you specialize in necklaces, use them to keep creative ideas going. Over time, you will come up with a unique name that stands out. 

Get a logo! 

Just like choosing a name, on the other hand, selecting a logo for your jewelry business is just as important. Your logo is an opportunity to tell the story of your brand and create your personality while being open to interpretation from everyone. You should look at hiring a professional or using free websites such as Canva that can assist you. 

You may want to consider a few types of logos for your jewelry making business, such as:

  • Illustrative, simple images that will show the brand – diamonds, rubies, gold chains.
  • Font and wording – how will you tell the story of your brand? You can use calligraphy to add a little extra charm to the logo.

Regardless of what you decide for your logo, try to create a synergy between that and your brand. It will help create a bigger brand story that can help your customers remember you. Choose your theme color and logo size wisely. There are other considerations to keep in mind when establishing a jewelry business:

  • Where will it operate?
  • Do you need to rent a commercial building?
  • Alternatively, will you be starting a home jewelry business?
  • Will your business have a website?
  • Will you be selling cheaper or high-end jewelry?
  • Where will you source your jewels?

In this digital age, having a website will maximize your opportunities and expand the reach of your business. Get on social media and make the most of the opportunities there. With so much to think about when setting up a jewelry business, it helps to access all the tips you can get.