The London Transport Museum Easter 2019!

The London Transport Museum Easter 2019!

As you will know if you read my blog often, we are mega fans of the London Transport Museum and go as often as we can which is is pretty inexpensive to do considering kids go FREE and adult tickets last a whole year (and if you buy them on line cost just £16.50)!

When we lived in London we used to pop in every time we were in town just for a little play on their amazing transport inspired indoor playground. As well as the play area there’s of course lots of actual transportation like trains, tubes and buses for the kids (and adults) to climb aboard!

Driving buses!
And fixing them in the playground!

These days we don’t get to go as often as we like and have to plan a bit more of a day out when we visit but the kids always want to go even if we have to schlep half way across London and only get a couple of hours to fit it in. They get there and are like ‘RIGHT, stamp trail, time travel lift, play area upstairs, play area downstairs then get on and off as many buses and trains as we can fit in – OH and we HAVE to see the talking horses and their poo’ – they’ve seen these things a hundred times but never get bored of them.

Back to 1800 – this is where the London Transport Museum begins!
I’m not sure how many times we’ve done the stamp train at the London Transport Museum but we know where they all are with our eyes closed – still they love doing it all the same!
They all three of them enjoy the play areas – something for every age!
How can horse poo, pretend horse poo at that, entertain him so much?!

I love going somewhere which feels so familiar to us and somehow, even when very busy it’s a bit of a reverie from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden and central London outside. It makes me feel relaxed and happy and yesterday was no exception!

Every visit we find something new to add to our list of faves (the ever growing list) and every visit we come away wanting more!

Lots to see!
And do!
And the ice cream in the cafe is pretty good too!

Actually I came away wanting quite a bit more truth be told, a moquette chair that costs £650, well, a girl can dream! It’s a nightmare walking through the London Transport Museum shop because I literally want ALL the furniture which is covered in the same material as on all the buses and tubes and I’ve just had it on the down low that they’re making moquette in leopard print now. LEOPARD PRINT! While I realise this isn’t very transport-ish it is, well, leopard print! I have no money at the moment so I’d better not have a look I feel!

We had a fab day in the museum on Monday (as always) and are now very much looking forward to visiting their Acton facility for their open day on the last weekend in April. They store all the old artwork and transportation devices they don’t have room to display year round in Covent Garden and it sounds awesome. It’s also the weekend my Mum turns 70 and she’s chosen to do this as a treat for her birthday so we look forward to that!

Mum came with us this week (and bought the ice creams) and will join us when we visit the Acton Transport Museum open Day later on in the month!

We missed loads this visit and feel annoyed about it too but you know me, always trying to stretch time and never quite managing it! For Easter they have illustration workshops running until the 22nd and there is also a ‘London Stories’ exhibition running which we wanted to check out and didn’t but hey… We can always go back! And will!

We were invited to visit as guests of the museum.