Nozstock Festival 2022!

Nozstock Festival 2022!

We’ve just got back from Nozstock 2022, The Hidden Valley family festival run by a family in the rolling countryside of Herefordshire. Not only does this backyard family party grown bigger have a beautiful vibe but it has the most stunning vista to compliment the entertainment! Happy faces surged around the festival site and we owned 6 of them, 10 if you include our family camping buddies the Cookie Crumbles gang!

Nozstock gang 2022!

We’d been to Noz before, back in 2019 which is of course the last time the festival could run at full pelt and this time, though three years had passed, it felt like we’d never been away. It’s not the sort of festival that grows away from its customers as it grows. There’s no real commercialism to put you off, just good value family fun and from the price of food and beer to the ticket entry, it’s inclusive and inviting. No wonder families make a bee line for this festival and we are just one of many!

The kiddos!

It’s not just for families but being run by one they are very inviting and merge regular festival goers with the likes of us very well. A dedicated family camping area is manned so that no one can get into it without a family pass and inside it’s very safe with a small play area, lost children’s tent (you write your number on the kiddos wrist bands to be safe) and even a gazebo with changing facilities, nappies, wipes and sun cream (of which there are also stands for this for everyone around the site).

Our family!

They have some glamping options including a pre-pitched tent which we went for making it a lot easier to get there without being squashed in the car by tent. It was also hassle free to arrive and have a tent already standing. It’s not luxury it has to be said as the tents are re-purposed from festival goers in the years gone by who had abandoned their tents (naughty people) but it’s easy and let’s face it, festival life with a gaggle of kids isn’t exactly glamorous anyway. It’s a moment to be grubby, go feral and experience a little freedom. I am NOT a rough it kind of gal but I had a smile on my face the whole time because it’s just really relaxed and friendly and the company we kept was, as always, perfect!

At base camp!
Loving camp life!
No excuse for not preening eh Cookie?!
Cookie in her Coleman Octagon!
The little girls!
The glitterati!
Feral feet!
Taking a load off!

And then of course there’s all that festival fun! The important bits are that there’s a great first aid tent (utilised by us lot twice, a sprained ankle for Cookie and a clonk on the head for Jonny) and a fabulous lost children’s tent too. But the fun stuff is the entertainment, of which there was much on many stages. We loved Bill Bailey and as always managed to miss stuff we really wanted to see like Rosie Jones because you just cannot do everything! Circus skills were a massive highlight for the children and the children’s area was perfect with lots of free and fun activities and invitations to play!

The children’s area!
Free workshops!
They all just loved this one on illusions!
What fun!
Lovely girls!
Festival chic!
Loads to do!
Masses of smiles!
Circus skills!
They all enjoyed this!
And it was all free!
I watched, they played and all ages had fun!
Posie experienced a level of freedom she’d not had before!
Doesn’t it look fabulous!
Ever the photogenic Jimmy!

The food was awesome too and like the drinks on site just not way too over priced. It saves a lot of effort buying food out and it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Most things including pizza were under a tenner and portions were huge!

We loved the food!
Loaded fries were a hit for all!
Especially this one!
Oh Posie!

It was great fun, a great atmosphere, great acts, entertainment and children’s fun with brilliant food and friendships thrown into the mix. A perfect recipe really! Thank you for having us Ella and Noz and all at Nozstock, what a blast for the Parallel Universe theme of 2022!

Take a look at my Instagram reel for a real feel for our weekend!

We were gifted tickets to Nozstock.

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