Wroxham Barns For The Summer 2022 Win!

Wroxham Barns For The Summer 2022 Win!

I think I must be late to the party here because when I mentioned this to my friends yesterday they all seemed to be well in the know, ticketed up and this isn’t their first time as summer season pass holders to Wroxham Barns! We love a visit all year round and this summer it’s jam packed to the max with all the regular fun as well as injecting some brand new seasonal fun which is all included in the ticket price. A day ticket is great value for money at £14.99 for anyone over the age of 2 but wait until you hear what they’re charging for unlimited visits?!

£19.99! For just £5 more than the day ticket price you can go daily if you like and actually, why not?! It’s flipping fantastic and brilliant and there’s so much to do I don’t see how anyone could ever get bored, big or small! What’s more is that if you’re not sure, don’t want to invest before you try, then you can upgrade on the day. Go, have your day and then I dare you not to part with another fiver to go back, and back, and back?!

Take a look at our day this week where we kicked off summer in Norfolk with a day at one of our faves!

So, like I mentioned, you get a lotta bang for your buck but what exactly?!

So, first up there’s the farm with all the animals and information. Right now they have hatching eggs, rabbit and guinea pig meet and greets and you can always feed the sheep, llamas and have a pat of the donkey and a whiff of the piggies (there are some gorgeous baby piggies as well)! There’s ducks and other water birds, chickens and my dreaded gobble, gobble, wobble neck turkeys (does ANYONE like looking at a turkey?) and loads more that I’m surely forgetting but this is all wrapped up with play equipment and indoor soft play. HELLO!

Then there’s the fun park with rides, rides, rides and a bouncing pillow, GoKarts, mini golf, a sand pit, more play equipment AND the most brilliant water bomb station – every kid is given a token for 6 water bombs to play here with each visit and the rest you can play on as much as you like for as long as the park is open. HOW good?!

And I haven’t even got onto the extras for summer yet which are only extra in added fun, and not cost! But before I get there I have to tell you about the lunch situ because there is a lovely cafe and great places to sit, but also an amazing under cover picnic area and loads of places to picnic about the farm and park too. We chose to picnic on the grass this time utilising one of the many picnic benches and allowing the children to play when they’d finished, but we had not, on yet more play equipment!

And now those extra bits!

The sunflower meadow was due to open in August but is actually ready a touch earlier than anticipated. You can wander through for a photo opportunity and even buy a few to take home! They are glorious!

Then there’s the maize maze which has a stamp trail to collect on a sheet as you find your way out. The kiddos can then collect a medal at the maze tent to show they’ve completed it!

Then… Yep, there’s more and I’ve kind of saved the best till last, there’s the foam party which is on daily at 3pm with songs to dance to, games to play and the most fabulously fun, foam gun to cover the kids as they play! It’s BRILLIANT!

It’s really the most fabulous day out and we all had many, many smiles at the regular fun AND the summer boosted! We just wish we’d been able to get some time together to camp with Wroxham Barns this year, alas, they were booked on the only few days we had available but next year we are on it. This year’s prices are £195 for two nights in your own tent or a staggering £250 to stay in a pre-pitched bell tent which come with a double bed and three single mattresses ready for you to dress when you get there. LOVE it! On top of the camping you of course get all of the above PLUS a load of extra fun dedicated exclusively for campers including out of hours visits to the farm and parks and special activities just for those at the site. It looks phenomenal!

Thanks for having us as your guests again Wroxham Barns!

We were invited to visit as part of a collaboration.

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