Pumpkin Katsu Curry Recipe!

Pumpkin Katsu Curry Recipe!

Using up my leftover Halloween table decoration of a blue pumpkin has been lots of fun. The blue pumpkin turns out to be delicious (far less earthy than orange ones) and has lent half of itself to my sweet pumpkin puree which I have made into muffins, saved some in the freezer for a Christmas pumpkin pie and kept a jar of in the fridge for yogurt topping. You can see how I made the sweet pumpkin puree here! And with the other half I made a savoury puree to make soup (recipe here) which also shows you how to toast the seeds in spices for a crispy soup topping or snack) and also these delicious Katsu curry croquettes!

Having peeled and deseeded, roast the chopped pumpkin flesh with curry powder, cumin seeds and bay leaves alongside garlic, red onions. salt, pepper and olive oil on 180 for half an hour!
Blend the cooked ingredients (which I did in my soup maker after also blending the sweet puree and leaving a touch of that on the side) and then chill the mixture for a few hours!
Form patties with the chilled pumpkin mixture!
Dip them on all sides firstly in seasoned plain flour, then seasoned beaten egg and finally in panko bread crumbs!
I did then chill them to firm them up again as the handling had made them a little soft!
Fry the croquettes in sunflower oil!
Chop (as you would Katsu chicken) and serve with rice and katsu curry sauce – yum!

I used Gizzie Irskine’s katsu curry sauce recipe and it’s so delicious so I thoroughly recommend having a Google for that one. I found it on her Instagram page where she declares it more like Wagamama’s recipe than the recipe Wagamama shared themselves and I have to say, I agree!

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