Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

I used half my leftover Halloween blue pumpkin to make a sweet pumpkin puree which I used for muffins, yogurt topping and froze some of for a pumpkin pie (see my sweet potato puree recipe here) but with the other half I made a savoury pumpkin puree which went half way to making pumpkin croquettes for a katsu curry (see that recipe here) and half way to making this soup. The soup is super tasty and SO easy using a soup machine. After I’d blended the sweet pumpkin I didn’t bother to wash the soup maker as I thought a touch of sweet would only add to the flavour and then added half my puree with two stock cubes and the required amount of water for the maker. I topped it with a dollop of creme fraiche and some roasted pumpkin seeds from the same pumpkin. What a good way to use up what had essentially just been a table decoration!

Left over pumpkin ready to be made into a savoury puree for pumpkin soup and later a katsu curry too!
After peeling the pumpkin and de seeding it I roasted it on 180 for half an hour with chopped red onions, garlic, 3 bay leaves, a table spoon of mild curry powder and some cumin seeds all tossed together with olive oil, salt and black pepper!
Using my Morphy Richards soup maker (which also acts as a blender) I blended up the mixture and added the stock and water to make a delicious soup!
For the pumpkin seed topping I washed and towel dried the seeds before tossing them in smoked paprika, salt, mixed peppercorns and some olive oil!
I also added a good squeeze of garlic puree!
Before roasting them at the same time as the pumpkin flesh in the oven!
They’ve made a really delicious snack!
And the perfect crunchy topping for the soup which practically makes itself in the maker!

I’m definitely a convert to the pumpkin having previously not had much luck and have found it to be so versatile. I was told at the farm where we bought it that the blue ones are the most tasty and this one didn’t disappoint!

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