Sweet Pumpkin Puree!

Sweet Pumpkin Puree!

I have never had much success with pumpkin recipes in the past having always found them a bit earthy got my tastes. However, when we bought this blue pumpkin to decorate our Halloween table, the man in the farm shop told me how delicious they are and so I thought if it lasted past its primary purpose I would give some cooking another go.

More than just a table centre piece!

Yesterday, over a week after Halloween ended it was still very much within its prime so I set about using it up in a number of ways. Two of which were sweet treats and I’ve been very pleased with the results having made a sweet pumpkin puree with half the pumpkin in order to use it for other things!

Pumpkin puree!

I took the skin off and reserving half for some savoury recipes I chopped the other and roasted it in the oven with a good drizzle of honey, coconut oil and lots of ground cinnamon. It baked on 180 for about half an hour and then I blended it up to make a big jar of puree to have with yogurt, another good portion to put in the freezer ready to make a Christmas pumpkin pie and then the rest of it went into this great pumpkin muffin recipe from BBC Good Food which you can find here.

Pumpkin muffins made with my home made puree (which was beyond easy to make and yet will go very far)!

They came out of the oven looking a little dry on the top but the aesthetic was misleading as inside they are moist and very, very tasty to boot! Even Jimmy has been snaffling them and I can see the jar of puree in the fridge dwindling on more of these before long!

Pumpkin muffins!
No icing necessary, these muffins are delicious just as they are with a cup of tea!

I will also be posting my savoury pumpkin recipes on the blog in a moment so do check them out too (pumpkin soup with savoury roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin katsu curry). I made a pumpkin katsu curry, soup and also roasted the seeds with a tasty topping!

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