Sadlers Wells The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre, London!

Sadlers Wells The Snowman At The Peacock Theatre, London!

A regular fixture on our calendar has been to see Sadlers Wells The Snowman by the Birmingham Repertory Theatre at the Peacock Theatre in London – we missed last year in the 2020 hiatus and though a slower pace of life and festive build up was actually quite worthwhile I found, there were certain things that we really did feel wistful about – Raymond Briggs’ story of The Snowman in ballet form was one of them. It’s beautiful, a real must see and as far as I’m concerned, not just for children. The magic of this performance is for everyone, including children, but also including whoever needs a festive slice of something quite eye sparkling. It’s calm yet fun and tells the story of the original book with some clever adaptions to the story while at the same time staying true to it. Yesterday’s press performance was everything we wanted it to be (as always, the standard never slips) and brought that missing Christmas twinkle back for 2021. Oh we are so pleased!

Peacock Theatre is on Portugal Street which is a short walk from Holborn Station on the Central Line!

Just around the corner from Holborn station or a small walk of 10 minutes from Covent Garden, the Peacock Theatre is on three levels but they do welcome buggies and have a lift in operation for wheelchairs. We didn’t take a buggy yesterday but I have done many times and have always found staff to be extremely helpful, especially when it comes to shows they are offering for families. They held a dedicated buggy park on the middle level and staff were assisting families carry their buggies to it.

They also have merchandise on sale, of course, but you’ll be pleased to note it’s not bank breaking. £5 for a small plushie keyring of either the Snowman or the Snowdog is rather reasonable, as it feels like a substantial item and it hasn’t gone up in price the last two years either which is pleasing. We took the one we had bought on out last visit!

The Snowman!
Taking our seats!

The seating in the theatre is rather close knit but they are comfortable and we’ve never had any issues with children not being able to see despite not seeing any booster cushions in the auditorium. They are spaced in a way which means you don’t need them. With a running time of 1 hour and 45 minutes (including a 20 minute interval), it’s not too long for small ones to sit either and babes in arms who don’t require a seat do go for free which is welcome. It also doesn’t feel too encroaching despite the seats being close together and even with a baby on my lap there is well enough room for comfort!

Baby on my lap and still enough room!
We played a little of pass the baby!
Enjoying the show!

We very much enjoyed the show again and felt like it was very familiar and warming – I suspect this is how the show makes everyone feel whether they’ve been before or not and as for festive? It couldn’t be more so! I used to feel quite uncomfortable celebrating and being Christmassy in November, not any more, COVID and lockdowns has done that to me and I was super welcome feeling about the sighting of Father Christmas on stage, it really is inviting, this year more than any other!

There is an interval, as I mentioned, just enough time for a snack and a hot chocolate which also brings all the festive feels. There are enough toilets to not have to queue for long and the break is a welcome one with children feeling long enough to stretch their legs, tale them to the toilet, water them and bring them back feeling refreshed and ready for the second act which is even more magical than the first after we left the boy (Jimmy said “I’m pleased the boy has long hair like me) and the Snowman flying for the first time, or, walking in the air rather!

We were treated to special The Snowman cakes at the press interval!

It is a lovely, lovely show with very special feeling to it. A real treat and something the children will always remember – if you go once then I suspect you’ll want to make it a family tradition, just as families have been doing for the last 23 years, since the first performance of the show. A beloved story turned into a wonderful ballet for children and something to help create memories that will last them a lifetime!

The boys and Posie enjoyed it very much, the ending when the theatre actually snows made Posie’s eyes open wider than they had been as she’d been clapping away all the way through and both boys looked full of wonder too. What a wonderful show! Such a shame Florence wasn’t with us but she was visiting a friend in London where we used to live for the day so she was having fun too!

The Snowman is playing at the Peacock Theatre from the 21st of November to the 2nd of January and prices start from £18. Family group tickets can be purchase at £90 for a family of 3 or £120 for a family of 4. There is a relaxed performance at 2.30pm on Wednesday the 1st of December.

We were invited to see the show as guests of the theatre.

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