Skyes The Limit With The PAW PATROL: Mighty Movie Toys!

Skyes The Limit With The PAW PATROL: Mighty Movie Toys!

Last week I wrote about the official Top 20 Christmas 2023 toys as listed by The Toy Retailer’s Association and gave my thoughts on each of them having had a little play at the show. This week I’m able to tell you a little more in depth about some of them after we’ve been busy playing at home with a selection.

One of my favourites from the show and again, still a favourite now, is the PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie Skye’s Deluxe Mighty Movie Jet Toy which has an RRP of £49.99 but it currently on offer in Smyths for £37.49 (these big savings on toys we are seeing in Smyths should last until at least Black Friday, if not beyond but it’s not guaranteed). Posie, Raffie and I have been having mega fun playing with the jet which is designed to emulate the one Skye pilots in the lates PAW PATROL movie – by all accounts the movie is a mega hit, not just for fans and small people but across the board is getting rave reviews so naturally the toy range is going to be in great demand!

Dressed in her pink movie outfit Skye comes as a figure with her jet alongside two projectile launchers which, when fired, play sound effects and music form the movie as well as delivering a synchronised light flashing.

Skye clips in neatly to the cockpit of the jet so that even when it is spun upside down she won’t fall out, as well as this, when in the cockpit her outfit on the translucent areas lights up alongside areas of the jet. To create sound effects you push the lever handle up and down, left and right as you play and can fly Skye in her jet looping the loop as you go! When you squeeze the lever the barrel of the jet will spin Skye round and round and both the projectile launchers can actually be fired by loading them up and pressing the buttons on the wings for whichever side you want to shoot from.

This is the sort of toy, like the movie and series, bridges the gap between my two very stereotypical children. Raffie is into anything battle, vehicle and superhero style related play and toys, while Posie is currently in a very “pink” moment of wanting to have the colour on everything she has, from the cutlery she eats with, to the toys she’s picking up! This jet kind of meets the best of both worlds and they’ve both been playing very nicely with the jet and some other PAW PATROL figures that we have. They’ve also been adding it into other games with other figures and I love that – children don’t really need a prescription to play and it’s absolutely brilliant when they make up their own style using toys which could be played with in a very specific way but don’t have to be.

As I said on my initial post about this one, it’s going to be the wowing number under the Christmas tree but it doesn’t break the bank, is entirely worth the money and will be one that can be enjoyed with siblings and friends for a good few years. Even Jimmy at age 11 will still watch certain programmes if they’re on for the little ones and PAW PATROL is one of them.

Skye and her mighty jet to go with the Mighty Movie come up trumps over here!


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