Another day, another potential game to be played around our table this Christmas and this time it’s SponTUNEous which can be picked up in Argos for £25! The playing time is about 30 minutes, you can have 3 to 10 players and it’s pretty hilariously tune-less whether you’re a singer or not. The desire to win takes over and any talent you could direct its way is absolutely unnecessary which is pretty good if you’re not a singer, it really doesn’t matter!

Each player chooses a hit list of trigger words, the words to be taken from a song they know, but in the hope others won’t be able to think of a song with that word in it. You think of a song, choose a word form it and add it to your list. Next the “tunesmith” (decided by a roll of the dice) names a word from their list for the other players to burst into tune by singing a song containing that word! And they have to do it within the 15 second timer. The first one to sing a line from a song with that word gets to advance on the board. If everyone is stumped then the Tunesmith is the one who advances by rolling both dice but they must first sing at least 5 seconds of a song containing the word they chose to prove they weren’t cheating! The tunesmith can, however, bluff… Who would know? If they are proven to have been bluffing then they must move backwards at the roll of the dice! The Tunesmith then moves to the player on the left.

Any time someone lands on a treble clef square a challenge card must be drawn for the player to complete and the winner is the player to reach the final treble clef first. Simple, easy and super fast but lots of fun and absolutely for all ages. The game recommends for anyone over the age of 8 but we got Raffie joining in at 5 and gave him some dispensation and help. We also played in teams which works well for the younger ones!

This is a great game for a big family get together at Christmas and as it can be played by up to 10 people it’s a really good one for after lunch with all of the family. Not too long to play and not too much to concentrate on makes it a winner for Christmas in my book!


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