Stick Man Live 2022!

Stick Man Live 2022!

We’ve been to see Stick Man Live a LOT of times, but we would always, always, ALWAYS go back because we love it SO much! I remember going with friends when the big two were tiny and they said they could totally imagine they’d still be seeing this show even when the kids were grown up and didn’t want to go anymore. To be fair, I can’t imagine anyone growing out of it so I suspect they’ll still be going with their now big kids even when they’re fully fledged adults. This is just one piece of theatre which is so good you could never tire of it, would want to find an excuse to go back and actually, it’s something on the calendar we look forward to all year round, It usually signals the beginning of the Christmas fun for us and when we visit in a couple of week’s time it will be exactly that for 2022!

It is the most enchanting show with a story line which is true to the book and yet makes it somehow even more magical. Of course Father Christmas plays a big role, just as he does in the story book but this is more than just a festive show really, this is pure brilliance in staging, acting and performance which has to be seen to be believed. And the songs… Well, I love them! I cannot read the book without singing them now and for me, Stick Man will forever be a Scot as the very first time we saw the show the actor had a Scottish accent and that sealed the deal. The show is BETTER than the book and some, it’s just the best thing on stage for children hands down. And I’ve seen a tremendous amount of family theatre which is terrific so this is really saying something!

Get your tickets now and make a day of it in London. I recommend visiting the London Transport Museum afterwards where kids get in for free and an adult ticket will last you all year to visit as many times as you like and only set you back £21! It’s just around the corner from the Leicester Square theatre and is ideal because it’s so geared up for a tiny audience with a stamp trail, lots of play areas, trains to climb on and off and buses too, you can even try your hand at driving one. Oh and Covent garden with the lights… What could be more festive making for a perfect family day out in London!

Stick man Live is back at the Leicester Square Theatre for another year running for a reason, you can’t beat it! From the 22nd of October 2022 until the 2nd of January 2023 the show will be on at various times of the day (check the website) and will offer a relaxed performance on the 13th of November at 12.15pm with tickets for that show costing just £7. Tickets for all other shows are £24.50 for an adult and £19.50 for children.

I can confirm that for 2022 the cast is every bit as good as it always is, the show is still amazing and we loved it, if not the same, even more – watching Posie fall in love with the songs was brilliant, she came last year of course but this year she really understands and knows the story. It’s just brilliant!

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