Tomy Toomies Peppa’s House Bath Playset!

Tomy Toomies Peppa’s House Bath Playset!

What to buys for a one year old at Christmas is a bit of a dilemma as they’re super little still and probaby not all that tuned into the festive season. It’s nice to have presents to open but in my opinion it’s a bit silly going overboard on gifts for someone who is too little to appreciate massive money being spent, doesn’t need it and would be overwhelmed by lots of new things anyway. Perhaps it’s because Posie is my fourth and I may have been different the first time around I guess but I see now that what she really needs are things which stimulate the developmental stage she is at right now – in fact, because that’s the case, she is growing fast as they do when tiny, she gets bought things as and when she needs them so Christmas simply provides a platform to introduce something new which is tailored for her at the moment. However, it IS Christmas so I’d want her to have special things too and that’s why I think this Tomy Toomies Peppa Pig Bath Playset is perfect for a baby of her age.

It’s a big special toy as far as she is concerned but it doesn’t break the bank at around the £19.99 price point it seems to be most places, including John Lewis. Posie LOVES Peppa and loves a bath so for her this is the dream toy!

Tomy Toomies have some other peppa Pig licenced bath toys and I think they all look great while I can personally vouch that this one is tremendous. No batteries are required which is a massive tick and it works beautifully. Pour water in the top to create a shower for Peppa which then spins the washing machine drum. There’s a door which closes over the washing machine too which Posie is very keen on and the whole thing sucker sticks to the wall or the tub and can stay there so doesn’t need a special place to be put away, it takes up little room and where we have it on the side of the bath doesn’t get in anyone else’s way when taking a dip.

My only slight negative would be that it doesn’t come with a cup to pour the water from. It’s no biggie really, most people with children will probably have a receptacle like we do but it clould have been included I think. Aside from that, brilliant toy with lots of scope for play and a perfect Christmas present for a tiny tot – recommended for ages 18m+!


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