Friday Night Treat Tea – Bonfire Night Theme!

Friday Night Treat Tea – Bonfire Night Theme!

I think it’s safe to say Raffie was a little concerned about having a sparkler in his drink but how could you do a fireworks and bonfire theme for Friday Night Treat Tea without one?!

He did, however, LOVE the bonfire of tomato soup in a mini souffle bowl complete with the candle providing the fire and the wood in the form of toasted cheese and ham sandwiches and bread sticks. And of course, he devoured the pot of smores and rocket fruit kebab (I do love a fruit kebab don’t I?!)!

The drink is just lemonade to go fizz, pop, BANG (as the sticker on it says) and once the finished sparkler was replaced with a straw he was well happy with his bonfire night themed Friday Night Treat Tea this week!

Here’s how I made it all:

Don’t worry, Raff did smile in the end!

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