A Halloween Packed Lunch!

A Halloween Packed Lunch!

It will come as no surprise to know that I’m a fan of a themed packed lunch – I love fun food after all and when the boys had to go back to school for Halloween, after a half term build up to it, i couldn’t help myself. I used some of the things I had left over from the party we had and others I made especially for the day! I got a kick out of it and I know they did too – it’s all easy, I did things like make the flags and the covers from the smoothies in the morning before school and I am not an organised person so it proves how quickly and easy to use the Cricut Joy is! I love that machine for helping me make my fun food for the kiddos!

Obviously I had to go extra for pre-trick or treating tea too didn’t I… I used an oldie but a goodie in the spider web naan bread pizza, re-used drinks jars from the party and still we had some cup cakes left over so it wasn’t taxing but made it a bit special!

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