A Halloween Party!

A Halloween Party!

When it comes to a Halloween party I do tend to stick to the same formula, lots of games which are the tricks for the kids to compete and take part in, in order to win the treats which are the prizes! Sweets and little bits essentially that they can add to their treat bags as we go!

This year we played:

  1. Flour game: Make a castle of flour using a bowl for the mould and place a penny in the middle. Everyone has to slice a bit off each go and NOT make the penny drop. The person who does eventually make it fall won’t get their treat unless they pick the penny up with their teeth!
  2. Sparklers: Easy, just write your name using a sparkler (outside with supervision)!
  3. Apple bobbing on a timer, one at a time see who’s fastest!
  4. Donut eating without using your hands as they hang from a string for each person to nibble on!
  5. Tell us a joke – self explanatory!
  6. Give us a good fact without looking one up – Again, pretty easy!
  7. All the children to go away and choreograph a dance to Thriller – this was BRILLIANT when we did it!
  8. Cake decorating – it’s easy and gets them concentrating for a bit!

With the games came the food and this is where I also have exacting ambitions. I like food, I don’t like it to look horrible but I do want it to be spooky! How do you think I did?! My Cricut machine was my best friend for all of this it has to be said!

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