LOVEVERY Play Kits! LOVEVERY create the most beautiful toys for children, they are just gorgeous to look at, hold and to play with and while Posie has been adoring her play gym since she was a newborn (she’s now 7 months), Raffie has been utterly mesmerised by the LOVEVERY blocks set which he plays with in an absolute huge variety of ways. I wrote about the play gym when we first started using it here and the blocks, well, I […]

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LOVEVERY – Play Gym!

LOVEVERY – Play Gym! The longevity of use for certain baby items is often a reason to convince yourself to buy cheaply. I mean, if it’s only going to be used for a limited amount of time then what’s the point in splashing out? Right? Well, while often this is a perfectly reasonable approach there are certain items I’ve found over the years that you really shouldn’t scrimp on for numerous reasons but most of all because with some things […]

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