LOVEVERY create the most beautiful toys for children, they are just gorgeous to look at, hold and to play with and while Posie has been adoring her play gym since she was a newborn (she’s now 7 months), Raffie has been utterly mesmerised by the LOVEVERY blocks set which he plays with in an absolute huge variety of ways. I wrote about the play gym when we first started using it here and the blocks, well, I think I’m going to have to write some more, but here’s my first post!

And now LOVEVERY have released their latest in the greatest baby toys ever with their stage based play kits which start at 0-12 weeks and can be purchased every two months until the child reaches the age of 3 years. No guessing about what a child might need at every stage and all the information you need to know how, when and why each item is good for little ones to play with right now. There’s no commitment, you don’t have to buy every kit and actually, Posie, who has been playing with the 5-6 months one, which we have just added to her play gym as an extension, is now 7 months old and still just loving it. She doesn’t absolutely need to move onto the next kit just yet as this one has a lot of scope but of course you can also subscribe to have the toys delivered every single set, for as long as you like.

All the extra bits added to her play gym, now with the canopy added, ready as an invitation to play!
As with each kit the topys are bespokely designed for this particular stage and put together with thought. A booklet also comes with easy to see and read hints to encourage play with each of the six items. A fabric ball, spinner, tissue box with removable material tissues, a weighted wobble dolly, little socks with bell balls and a book of faces!
Her face says it all, she loves playing here!

The pieces are easy to hold, bright of colour yet not garish and just right for Posie at her current age (that’s not to say they won’t also be fun to play with as she grows). The sustainability of toys is really important to me and though these items have been specifically designed with 5-6 month old babies in mind they definitely have a lot of legs. They are an invitation to play rather than a prescription ans can be anything and everything, all that’s needed is imagination!

Texture and size, shape, colour and weight. There is lots to think about, see and do!
Just right for little hands!
And feet!
Posie is mesmerised by her toes in these socks!
All the colour!
An exploration for all her senses!
Babies love to see other children’s faces, this book is perfect!
The spinner of colour!
These tissues all link together to pop back in the box ready to be pulled out again. Different colours and prints make it very exciting!

How could this kit be faulted? It’s as of they just knew exactly what my baby was looking for and hit the nail on the head. Very impressive stuff and so super easy. As a new mum you need ease and this caters for everything!

We will be trying out the new kits for older ones soon with one lined up for Raffie to get stuck into very soon. I’ll be sure to let you know how that one is to but for now here’s a sneaky peek!

We are working with LOVEVERY for collaboration.

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