The London Transport Museum Christmas 2021!

The London Transport Museum Christmas 2021!

It’s been a good while since we visited the London Transport Museum what with lockdown but we are so glad we made the trip this Christmas season to see all they have on offer for Christmas 2021. As always the ticket price is FREE for children and just £18.50 for adults but this is an annual ticket which means you can go as many times as you like in 12 months and despite there being a substantial festive flair at the museum with a Santa’s grotto open until the 23rd of December, the entry price is no different to usual!

On top of all the wonderful fun of the museum, which I have written extensively about over the years both when we lived in London and visited regularly to the past few years when we’d still make a beeline when in the capital, Father Christmas invites you to his grotto to help him fix his sleigh, have a meet and greet and come away with a lovely little badge by way of a gift. There’s plenty of photo opportunities with the man in red which elves will help you with (again at no cost) and a superb festive trail around the museum to run alongside their usual stamp trail which my children have always enjoyed no matter how many times they do it!

Hop on and off buses, learn how to drive a DLR, play in one of two extensive indoor play grounds and immerse yourself in all things London travel both past and present. The lift will take you to the third floor where you’ll be transported back in time to the 1800’s and as you work your way down the floors you get to see how transportation in the capital has changed in a very hands on way. Chat with characters on the London move from all eras with talking horses and clever exhibitions and watch all the trains and vehicles. Learn about the underground network from its beginnings to today and see the artwork of the underground, materials used to create it both from the building to the upholstery and take a trip through the Hidden London exhibition to see the things you might not otherwise.

It’s lovely, great, wonderful and so much fun for all ages and though we’ve visited many times we always see something new even with the things that have always been there. It was always Jimmy’s favourite as a little, tiny boy and it’s still very much on his radar now as he gets to enjoy sharing it with Raffie who can’t remember it from before lockdown and Posie who had her first visit this time. Florence too enjoys the fashions and trends and with a fabulous cafe and restaurant you really can make a whole day out if you like or just pop in if in town for a few hours. We used to always pop in for a play when we were in central as it’s the obvious choice with an annual ticket!

There’s also a pretty lovely show which sells all sorts of gorgeous items for the home, some made using the famous transport for London moquette upholstery fabrics and

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