Operation Ouch Live At The Lyric!

Operation Ouch Live At The Lyric!

We were in London yesterday for some festive fun and were very kindly invited to see the new Operation Ouch Live show on at the Lyric near Covent Garden. This is a show the big kids devour on TV, especially Jimmy! It’s filled to the brim with biology, experiments and facts about the incredible things our body can do so it’s no wonder – I have a friend who tells him gory stories of her forensic work and he listens with a grin on his face eager for more, more, more – this is JUST up his street! The live show is EVEN more fun and fast and filled with facts delivered in a kid inviting way!

It wasn’t just a hit with Jim of course, we are all fans but Jonny, a primary school teacher, said he wishes he could take his whole class and has been talking about it ever since. The performance, which delves up the nose and down the bowels to show you snot and poo in all their glory, is delivered with perfection, you couldn’t not be excited by it!

The show didn’t go without hitch however, featuring a power cut how did the Drs deal with “the show must go on?!” Perfeclty, of course! Brothers Dr Chris and Dr Xand, dealt with it with aplomb not letting it detract from their delivery at all! I don’t think our lot could have enjoyed it more and it was a brilliant way to enjoy 70 minutes of action packed, informative fun! Bug smiles all round upon leaving the theatre.

I think the most important message came from Dr Xand who gave a fantastic speech about his own struggles at school. Some behaviour and concentration issues affected him at times but he spoke about grades and reports not having to define who you are. I felt like it was really boosting, especially for Jimmy, who is very much an outside the box thinker and worker. It offered motivation for him I think because he’s super bright and clever – the Drs showed him you can be something traditional and do it in a non traditional way, that that’s actually OK! So thanks Drs!

The show on TV has been going for over a decade with 11 years under their belt and it’s still as great as ever. The big kiddos have always been fans and watch and re-watch clips from it all the time. It’s easy to see how identical twin brothers Dr Chris and Dr Xand have won their hearts, they make everything so interesting, fun and engaging. Even Gram is a big Drs Van Tulleken fan and was quite jealous when she found out we had tickets and were going without her. The live show is just incredible, really something else and it couldn’t be headed up by more engaging hosts – sorry Gram, you’ll have to go next time!

What a most excellently fun show and we do so highly recommend!

Just around the corner from Covent Garden on Shaftesbury Avenue, Operation Ouch Live is on at the Lyric until the 16th of January and makes for a fab family trip!

Operation Ouch Live is playing at the Lyric on Shaftesbury Avenue Daily and often twice daily until the 16th of January and bookable through the theatre website here.

We were invited to see the show as guests of the theatre.

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