Jaques Of London For Christmas!

Jaques Of London For Christmas!

Searching for Christmas presents doesn’t get any easier the more children you have, in fact, if anything I’d say it’s harder. The big two had the obvious choices when they were little and bikes, scooters, all those big things for pre-schoolers, have already been bought and then kept because they were too good to let go of and can be used again. We are, of course, now utilising the hand me downs with the little two but it does mean what’s an already tricky task of finding the right gifts, is an even smaller pool because we do have a lot of what they need already. It’s thrifty, eco friendly and the right thing to do to pass things down, especially when they are far too little to know otherwise but it is still lovely to have something new, just for you and so I put a lot of thought into the gifts we are buying the smallest of the Rocknroller Baby clan.

I want to buy small where I can, sustainable if possible and I want to buy things which will last and be able to be the not new toys for other babies in the families on other years. I don’t see the point in fast toys so while they don’t ask for specifics and I get to choose, it will be lovely, wooden probably and thoughtful behind the choices. New to me company Jaques of London provide just what I’m after when it comes to the points I’ve made and though not so small now, this family business is onto the 8th generation of games makers after beginning in 1795 (WOW!) making them the oldest games makers in the world, they are a family run business. They also create a lot of wooden, sustainable in material, toys which are not only delightful to play with but to look at too – I remember with my first thinking I’d only have beautiful wooden toys in the house and while that’s obviously not always possible, these do help to balance that and when choosing a special treat for Raffie and Posie for this Christmas, it was an element that really cheered me.

I chose Raffie the Kids Toolkit and Bench wooden construction toy (£18.99) as I know, just like his brother, he’d adore fixing, fixing, fixing with the hammer, screwdriver and ruler. Unlike his brother’s set which was plastic and is long ago left looking pretty unappealing as stickers wore off and the like, this one is built to last and so far, as early Christmas presents go, he hasn’t stopped playing with it!

Lots of screws, bolts and ways to play this has proved to be an outstanding choice for invitation to play not just for him but for his big brother Jimmy who has rediscovered the fun this sort of toy has and also his little sister Posie. Jimmy helped put it together and they’ve both been enjoying playing on the bench together!

Just up his street and with a real ruler which has really made his day! He’s gone to bed with the tools, cuddling up to them like they are soft toys, a firm favourite already and it’s not even Christmas yet!

And for Posie the Wooden Animal Toy – Balancing Seesaw for toddlers (£12.99) was my absolute top choice. I’d have chosen the Noah’s Ark but we do already have one of those and this came in at a close second for aesthetics. I see now that we have it however, it was the top choice for Posie as putting the animals on and off the seesaw is a real hit in a way she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to play with the ark at her age. The animals are vibrantly coloured and easy to hold and she just loves us building it for her so that she can knock it down. A fabulous first Christmas present which is just for her!

It’s lovely also that it comes with a draw string bag that the animals can be kept in and tidied away into as this is just the sort of thing we were discussing as a family would be great for all toys recently with my Mum saying she was going to make some for some of their other toys.

There’s lots of reasons to choose a toy from Jaques of London! Not to mention their fast delivery and wonderous play aspects as well as pleasing aesthetic qualities, they come beautifully packaged with a hand written not from the packer. A little touch which lets you know this company really care.

I’m very impressed and shall be ordering from them again. The toys are affordable with a great delivery service and they are timeless meaning the longevity can be passed down for generations, just as the Jaques of London business has been. Whether you’re looking for beautiful toys for babies and toddlers or games for older children like the classic Snakes and Ladders, Jaques have a vast range which is easily accessible to find on their comprehensive and swiftly navigated website. Thumbs up and tools not down but very much in play over here for Jaques of London, an excellent choice for toys and games this Christmas!


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