Time for a Change? How to Launch a New Career

Time for a Change? How to Launch a New Career

Being a parent often involves putting everyone else’s needs first and your own in last place, usually somewhere behind the pet dog and goldfish. But, once the kids start school full-time, many parents are ready to start changing things up a bit and put a little more focus on themselves. If you put your career on hold to raise tiny humans, you may now feel ready to spend some time pursuing your hopes and dreams and building a new career for yourself. But, the question is, what should you do? Which career is the right choice for you? If you are looking for a bit of inspiration to help get you on the road to a new career, why not give one of these ideas a try?

Go it Alone

Parents are famed for their multitasking, ninja-like skills, which means that being a mum makes you the ideal candidate to go it alone and start your own business. If you have always dreamed of being your own boss and have a business idea that you would love to make a reality, then why not go for it! Parenthood takes resourcefulness and perseverance to a whole new level, which are handy skills to have for any would-be entrepreneur.

There is no doubt running a business of your own is hard work, but it does have many advantages too. Having the flexibility to pick your own hours so that you can work around school pick up times is a major advantage of being self-employed. Another significant benefit of working for yourself is that you have the freedom to work from home, so there are no worries about long commutes and needing to waste your working day travelling back and forth to the office.

Get Back to the Classroom

If your plans to pursue your dream career got lost along the way, it is never too late to try again. Going back to studying may seem daunting, but it is well worth it to achieve the qualifications you need for your perfect job. Balancing studying with raising a family is never easy, but if it enables you to do a job that you love, then all your efforts will pay off. 

Before you apply for a degree course, it is a good idea to think very specifically about what job you want to do when you qualify. For example, if you’re going to study law, knowing what you want to do and how much you can earn on an immigration lawyer salary or as a family solicitor will help you to stay focused on the end result and have something tangible to work towards.

Build Your Experience

Spending years deprived of sleep and knee-deep in nappies can make the world of work seem like a distant memory. If the thought of getting straight back into the workplace seems a little daunting, why not try building up your confidence and experience in a pressure-free environment first? Taking on a voluntary role is an excellent way to regain your confidence and build up experience along the way in preparation for your new career.