Knit One Turnbull – A Dancing Cardigan!

At christmas and For Florence’s birthday my in-law’s gave her money towards her ballet and tap lessons. She was desperate to start and was totally thrilled with this as a present. To go with the classes she got things like the outfits and the shoes for each class and one of the lovely items my Mother-in-law picked up from a local Christmas market was a gorgeous hand-knitted ballet style wrap around cardigan from ‘Knit One Turnbull’. It’s perfect for Florence […]

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Ayurveda and Palmolive!

I absolutely love the idea of leading a holistic lifestyle. Much as I am drawn to the idea of attachment parenting and following things like the Continuum Concept with my approach to child rearing it’s just something that appeals. But just as with my ‘natural parenting’, the way I lead a holistic lifestyle is with a pick and choose attitude! I would simply love to be the person following all the ‘rules’ but it’s not something I seem to manage […]

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Anjum Anand’s Steamed Nepalese Dumplings – Momos

I tried these delicious and healthy dumplings when I went to an Ayuvedic event recently to launch Palmolive’s new Ayurituel range of shower gels inspired by the ancient Indian Ayurvedic traditions. Chef Anjum Anand was there to cook for us and tell us why she loves to eat and live her life by the traditions and these were one of the things we ate on the day. Anjum calls them Momos and here’s what she has to say about them […]

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Mr Postman Look And See, Do You Have A Baker Days Cake For Me?

As an adult living in the age of technology that we do I find the post I receive is pretty darn boring at best and plain annoyingly bill like at worst! The majority of my exciting news comes to me via email and although on the one hand it’s lovely to get updates and important information at the touch of a button, there is something a little lost about the personal touch of opening  a letter. Much like the art […]

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A New Flavour To An Old ‘Squashies’ Favourite – How ‘Sweet’!

We were invited to take a trip down memory lane yesterday, or rather I was and Florence was invited to come and see what childhood was like in my day – the 80’s! At the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, a place we love, love , love and visit regularly, Swizzels Matlow were holding a launch party for their new range of sweets, Squashies! Squashies are old f’L’avourites with a modern squashy twist and they’re absolutely yum! I positioned […]

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(Cries) ‘Ohyo, Ohyo, New (Collapsable) ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Cup On The Block!’

As I’ve spoken about before, space is of a great premium in my house and none more so than in my tiny kitchen! The person who designed it was an absolute moron and we only have one drawer! ONE! And it’s a half width one at that… The cupboard space wasn’t much better thought out either… So, bottom line is that we have to think of genius things to maximise what little space there is! My husband has done a […]

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Life Lessons!

Askamum love my blog, ooo-errr how exciting! My little big one started nursery for the first time after Christmas and she on the one hand seems to love it and on the other hand doesn’t want to go at all. It’s kind of how I feel about it all too! Part of me is happy that she’s going because it’ll aid her personal development, give her a whole new challenge (which she needs) and also give me time to spend with my little, little one […]

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Cornish Daisy Bibs! (Think You’ve Found The Perfect Bib? I Have!)

I don’t know about other Mum’s but I’m always searching for that elusive perfect bib! There are lots of styles on the market and I’ve tried an awful lot. Some good, some bad and some which my children have refused to wear! I even at one point made my own tabards for Florence because she was so adamant that she wouldn’t wear anything round her neck. I think it’s that round the neck feeling that both of mine find so […]

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Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag! (Bugaboo Bag)

When we came back from my Mum’s after Christmas we had so many presents to bring home that we had to leave the Donkey there until my next visit! The Donkey is small but there has to come a limit when you only have a tiny car! Gutted I have to say but at least we have had the Bee to use, buggy pushing would be so much harder without a trusty Bugaboo! Anyway, despite having my Bee (which I […]

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Asda’s Beauty Event – Because We All Need A Little Pampering!

Yesterday I wrote a post on the brilliant Asda Baby and Toddler Event and it was while I was doing my Baby and Toddler shopping that I realised they also have a Health and Beauty Event at the same time! I love products and pampering so I have to say I was very drawn and while ordinarily I wouldn’t allow myself to be due to budgeting, because it was Asda, I knew the prices were going to be fabulous so I simply couldn’t […]

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