Grass Head Flop!

In the summer we took part in the #SaveSummer challenge that Asda set us. Our challenge was to do a different activity each week to save summer from becomeing boring and record them for my blog. We had lots of fun but one didn’t work out exactly as we thought it might… We made grass heads using tights, pots, soil and grass seed and we decorated them with happy faces then we waited for the grass to grow… We called […]

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Win A Trip To Sweden For A Family Of Four With Polarn O. Pyret!

Polarn O. Pyret; one of my favourite brands of children’s clothes ever! I wrote about the best baby outfit we’ve ever had a few months ago. It’s a lovely little brown long sleeved vest with bunnies jumping all over it and matching brown socks. My old work bought it for me just before I left to have Florence and she wore it for absolutely ages! Jimmy then had it too and even though it’s been washed and washed, it still looks […]

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Children’s Book Week 7-11th October 2013!

I love reading and am very happy to absorb myself in a good book rather than watch the television. I don’t seem to read nearly half as much as used to since having children, unless of course I count the many, many books I read to the children. I was read to as a little one and I remember vividly the imaginative voices my Dad would put on to read me my favourite Roald Dhal books amongst many others. It […]

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My Little Head Banger!

The older young Jimmy gets, the more adventurous he becomes and all the more BOY is his personality! I am used to a dainty little girl who likes glitter and sparkles, dressing up, sitting and playing with dollies or calmly watching television. I am used to a girl who of course has lots of energy but who projects it in an entirely girlie way! Florence will sit to have her nails or face painted for as long as it takes […]

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Magical Baby Fashion!

While I was on holiday I was invited to a launch party for when I got home but I completely forgot to go! How very rude of me. I would never ordinarily forget such a thing but being on holiday I guess I just wasn’t really on the ball or paying attention enough so I missed out on a party at Liberty to celebrate their new exclusive baby clothes range from Karen Brost. I’m so annoyed with myself because I […]

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Get a group of females together and there’s bound to be a bit of bitchiness. Be it girls at school, university or in their office jobs. Be it mothers in the school playground, women in the WI or even old ladies in a retirement home. Women, when together, can join forces and produce so many things, of course one of them is bitchiness. Mummy bloggers are of course no exception! The parent blogging community is vastly female. The occasional male […]

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Am I Naive To Expect Honesty?

What would you do if you found money on the street? Honestly, I’d probably keep it. Unless someone was near who may have dropped it and then I’d ask them. I think if loose money is floating down the road then it’s fair game, how could you ever find the owner? What would you do if you found a purse with nothing in it other than money? Absolutely hand it in! How could anyone not? A purse could be easily […]

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‘You Know’ Everyone Loves ‘Uno’ – Now It’s Got Personal!

We went to a Christmas party in July, actually we went to quite a few! I know it sounds mad but July is the time when retailers like to show off their Christmas wares and get us bloggers excited about the things they’d like us to write about nearer to the proper yule time! They throw parties and we eat mince pies while we peruse the latest toys, clothes and food etc. It’s fabulously fun if a little odd! This […]

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B.Ducks Are PERFECT For Us!

When we were at one of the Christmas shows this year I spied some VERY cool money boxes! They are brilliant for us on two levels but also brilliant for everyone because they are just so darn funky and fun! The first reason I like them and my initial draw was because B.Duck saving banks come in loads of different colours and some come with an outfit! Two of the outfit choices are ladybird or bumblebee jumpers! (For those of […]

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Become An Official Aldi Mamia Tester!

As you may know by now, I’m a bit of a new fan of Aldi and I absolutely LOVE the Mamia baby range! As a blogger I get asked to test and review things all the time and it’s all very exciting! We love to try things from Aldi, including the things from Mamia and it’s fab being able to give them our feedback knowing that they really care, want to listen and use the information to improve! If you’ve […]

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