Loopy About La La Loopsy!

Every time we see a Lalaloopsy doll in the shops Florence gets very animated and lets me know that she’s really rather keen. I’d sort of mentally put one on the Christmas list for her and then when we were at the Lollibop Festival the lucky thing got given some Lalaloopsy things as a thank you for me being a Lolli Ambassador. Totally not necessary but totally lovely all the same! Lalaloopsy dolls have kind of a modern twist on old […]

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If You Go Down To The Woods Today!

We were invited to a Teddy Bear’s picnic in Postman’s Park yesterday. Postman’s Park is very close to St Paul’s Cathedral and inside it (small as the park is it’s one of the largest in the city) is a memorial wall dedicated to ordinary people who died saving the lives of others in heroic self sacrifice. Part of the film ‘Closer’, a favourite of mine, was filmed in the park and I was very interested to see it. A slightly […]

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Fancy A Sarnie?

I love food. Too much really! I wish I didn’t like to eat as much as I do because I might fit into my favourite clothes! Alas, life is for living and enjoying and eating good food is part of that enjoyment for me. Sometimes I go on a bit of a boot camp and get to wear clothes I usually can’t and that’s great… but I just can’t keep it up constantly. I think my major downfall is bread. […]

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Self Weaning Rocks!

I’ve spoken often about my prolonged breast feeding journey. Sometimes I’ve moaned about it, other times I’ve boasted about it (I’m quite proud really) and often I’ve mused about when Florence will finally self wean… Self weaning was always my goal and when she turned six months old I naively thought it was about to happen; I remember crying about the fact that our special time together was nearly over… Obviously I had nothing to worry about! I may not […]

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The Perfect Holiday!

Jonny and I first visited the Algarve seven years ago when we stayed in Albufeira, the party capital of the Algarve. It wasn’t our cup of tea at all as we go away from England to experience some difference and unfortunately Albufeira is just full of drunk Brits out to spend as much money on booze as they can. Up to them I suppose but we just wanted to get out so we travelled around a bit and were bowled […]

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Pleasurewood Hills Competition – WIN Tickets to Pleasurewood CHILLS!

We visited Pleasurewood Hills again this summer; it’s the theme park of my own youth and when I was little I used to LOVE going! In my review I wrote about what a wonderful theme park it still is today even though it’s 30 years old now! My children had a brilliant time as there was so much for them to do even though they’re little! There’s lots for the little ones but the big ones, even the really big […]

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Kids Capture The Colour!

I am fairly new to photography but armed with my DSLR camera I am trying to get better and better at it. I really enjoy capturing images for my blog and even more so, the art of creating a good image. I went on a course to learn how to use my camera and although I wouldn’t say I’m a pro now, I definitely understand it more. Because I am always behind the lens it makes Florence very interested too […]

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Bear Hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! When we got back from holiday recently my facebook time line was filled with pictures of our friends in our local park. While we were away it seems that chainsaw and blow torch artists have visited our play space and created the most amazing installations using tree stumps and logs. Owls hooting in trees, a snake, snails, funny faces and even a bear […]

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Sofia The First Soundtrack!

Florence discovered Sophia The First very recently but she has quickly become top of the tree with Doc McStiffins! She loves both of the cartoons and the excellent story lines but what I think is the major draw is the fabulous music in both shows! I have songs from both of them going round my head all day so they’re obviously very catchy but they’re also very, very good! What we love about the ones in Sophia The First is […]

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Tree Fu Tom Ultimate Tom – A Review!

Florence usually goes for the more girlie options when it comes to her television viewing. She loves pink and sparkly programmes like Doc McStuffins and Sophia The First which I would say is typical for a girl of her age. She’s not wild about the ‘boy programmes’ (her term not mine by the way) and I just put it down to nature rather than nurture as I’ve certainly not encouraged one over the other, it’s just the way she is. […]

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