An ‘I Can Cook’ Birthday Party!

Florence’s birthday is on New Year’s Eve and this year she decided to have her party before Christmas rather than after. In the summer whilst at the Lollibop Festival and having enjoyed watching Katie Ashworth live on stage with her ‘I Can Cook’ show it was chosen as the theme for this year’s bash and we’ve been busy planning ever since! I’m big on birthday parties, I really enjoy organising them and this one gave me tremendous pleasure. Florence loved it […]

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CEWE Photobook!

A few weeks ago we were invited to the Ideal Home show by CEWE Photobook. They wanted us to come and enjoy the show with them while they also let us have a play around with their photobook service on line at their stand. On the day they were there to help us and show us first hand some of the things we could do with the books and looking at some of the hard copies of other people’s that […]

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Elf Fun! #25Sleeps!

I can’t believe we are in the final week! Not 25 sleeps to go but just 5! This month has gone super quickly and it must all be down to the fun we are having with our elves! This week they have been more nice than naughty it has to be said… They left us some chocolates for the Christmas tree! Florence thought this was absolutely wonderful and immediately set about decorating the tree with them. Look at her in […]

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End Of Year Burn Out!

The end of year and the end of term, I am beginning to realise, spells a bit of a burn out in my little girl. She’s been busy, busy and on the go as always and I think it’s just about time she has a wind down and a bit of a rest. I forget sometimes that she IS still only three years old and looking at her this week has made me realise that she’s a pretty amazing three […]

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Aye-Aye To Zorilla!

Florence is learning to read and she’s doing incredibly well! She sounds words out which I think is quite impressive in itself for her age but what’s even better is that she knows what most of the letters look like and can actually write them down herself too! She mostly writes three or four letter words and people’s names which is interesting because somehow she does understand ‘little letters’ and ‘big letters’. She just finds it a very enjoyable process […]

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Perfect Appearances!

This year I finally did something with my appearance that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I had minor cosmetic surgery to remove two moles from my face. I hated them and they made me feel self conscious so I took matters into my own hands and did something about it! It was so easy and it got me thinking that there are so many little things which we can do to make ourselves feel better about the way […]

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5 perfect Christmas gifts for a period home

At Christmas time one of the hardest things you have to do is decide what to buy people. If you know someone who lives in a nice, big old house it can be a good idea to buy them a period home style gift. The question is what type of period gifts are available? Below you’ll find the top five period home Christmas gifts that won’t fail to impress. 1.      A luxury hamper You can cheat here and buy a […]

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