Ben And Holly Play Sets!

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the Ben and Holly Thistle Castle Play Set which we thought was pretty ace. We mentioned in the review that you could add to the set with other Ben and Holly play sets. The swing, slide and roundabout all come with a Holly figure (as does the castle) and interlock with the castle to create a bigger play area. They each cost £9.99 from Character and are for ages 3+. The Ben and […]

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BeWILDerwood And The Sky Maze!

We love BeWILDerwood. I actually think, even though we’re lucky and get to go on absolutely loads of days out, that it is the best day out in the whole country let alone county. There are lots of places we like in the UK and a few places which are simply exceptional, Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park and Drusillas in East Sussex both hit that level, but there’s something even more exciting about BeWILDerwood and it’s not just because […]

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Camping With Coleman!

We went camping for the first time at Camp Bestival earlier on in the summer. We loved it in a way that I truly thought we never would. I think we are probably fair weather campers as I can’t see us enjoying sitting in a tent come thunder and lightening with an almighty down pour but as long as the sun is shining we are more than happy to be at one with nature and not wash probably as much […]

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Moonpig – Flowers!

I was sent flowers this week, something which I don’t think has happened since my 18th birthday when the bunch that was delivered, although lovely, was NOT who I wanted them to be from… Not ungrateful or anything but I remember the butterflies thinking it was one boy and then bang, it was a different one that I wasn’t remotely interested in in that way… And that was it on the floral delivery front as far as I can remember. […]

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Aldi Gin Win!

So it’s no secret that I’m keen on Aldi’s own brand gin. I wrote about it recently and quite honestly, I can’t tell the difference between it and the far more expensive Gordons. It doesn’t just have a similar looking bottle, I can assure you it tastes pretty similar too. It’s just another reason why I love Aldi!     Aldi Gin or Gordons? Same taste as far as I’m concerned but with VERY different price tags! Anyway, I have […]

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Murder Mystery In Great Yarmouth!

Another day and another trip to Great Yarmouth. I REALLY don’t like Yarko very much but it actually does look rather beautiful of a summer’s evening with all the twinkling lights and smiling tourists and we’d had such a good trip there the other day that this time I was actually looking forward to going back. While it was another trip to Great Yarmouth it was also another trip to Yesterday’s World you see, and we LOVED Yesterdays World. We went, with […]

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The First School Shoes!

Yesterday we went into the City in Norwich to buy Florence’s school shoes. I thought it would be less busy that shopping in Westfield near to where we live and chose to go at lunch time thinking most everybody else would be out having lunch instead… When we got to Clarks the shop floor downstairs was calm and peaceful and I thought I’d definitely made the right choice having envisaged frantic staff, ticket taking and waiting for hours upon hours […]

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